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Published:October 26th, 2012 13:18 EST
Was It Coincidence? Or Just a Disney Moment?

Was It Coincidence? Or Just a Disney Moment?

By Gloria Loring


I am on Google alert for the word coincidence. " I have good reason: My new book delves deeply into the topic. It`s a memoir with a message, titled with a quote by Albert Einstein, Coincidence is God`s way of remaining anonymous. " (I always figured if you`re going to borrow a quote, borrow from somebody really smart.)


My interest in coincidence began after a business card with the words Expect a Miracle " appeared in my dressing room at Days of Our Lives. " Twenty-four hours later I met a man who helped me raise $1 million for diabetes research. I had promised my four year old son that I would work to end his diabetes. Then the idea for a Days Celebrity Cookbook sent me begging the actors for recipes, photos and autographs. When all I needed was $40,000 to pay to print 50,000 copies, the card appeared, followed by my benefactor.


To be clear, for me coincidence means the coinciding of meaningful events. " I believe that coincidence contradicts random universe/chaos theories and urges us to look more deeply at how we are connected, to each other and to what we need.


It was a series of extraordinary coincidings that prompted me to research the subject of coincidence. In addition to raising $1 million, coincidence helped me find my hit song, inspired a stranger in Nebraska to send me comforting letters during my secret separation and eventual divorce from actor Alan Thicke, led me to uncover and heal a long-forgotten childhood sexual abuse, and put my husband René in the seat beside me after missing his plane, the only plane he`s ever missed.


And coincidences keep appearing. My dear sister Peggy spent the last six weeks of her three plus years` journey with cancer at my mountain home. She and I worked with her naturopathic doctor to improve the quality of her days and we succeeded on some fronts, but the morning came when it was clear I must get her to the hospital.


We began the two-hour drive to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, holding hands for most of the trip. The radio was off, we didn`t speak, and in the silence I sent out a request, Peggy`s so frail, please give us a really gentle doctor when we get to ER. "


Upon arrival, the admitting staff quickly triaged my sister to an examining room. As a nurse took Peggy`s vitals, a handsome man in a white coat entered the room. He looked familiar and I wondered if I had seen him during a previous visit with Peggy.


Looking up from the chart, he said, Hello, Peggy. My name is Dr. Mestres. " Then he turned to me and asked, And you are...? "


Her sister, Gloria. "


He tilted his head slightly, What`s your last name? "


Loring. Gloria Loring. "


Gloria, " he said with a smile, it`s Ricardo Mestres, from Disney. "


He filled Peggy in on how, years ago, he and I had worked together to raise money for diabetes research. Then he recounted how he came to a decision to do something more with his life and quit Disney at forty-seven to go to medical school.


I remembered Ricardo for his patience and kindness, and those virtues were in full force in his interaction with my sister that day. I asked for a gentle doctor for Peggy and I got one that I knew!


Disney movies are well known for everything working out beautifully in the end. And so it was with my sister`s last days. She was surrounded by compassionate medical staff and loving friends and family. She passed peacefully, attended by a coinciding of meaningful events... and a Disney moment.



Gloria Loring is a singer, actress and author known for her #1 hit Friends and Lovers, " the TV theme Facts Of Life, " an audience favorite on Days Of Our Lives, " and more recently as the mother of R&B superstar Robin Thicke. Her new book, Coincidence Is God`s Way of Remaining Anonymous, is published by HCI, Inc. and will be available October 2.

Twitter: @theglorialoring