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Published:January 14th, 2013 17:51 EST

Miracle: Kitten Survives 36-Mile Trip On Truck Engine

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Missouri family said their 9-month-old cat survived a 36-mile trip on the engine of a truck with only a few minor scratches.

Johnathan Widdows of Fredericktown said he picked up his son from the boy`s grandmother`s house Sunday morning and when they arrived home, his son heard a faint cry coming from under the hood.


Widdows said he opened the hood and discovered the family`s cat, Nyan, trembling on top of the engine."


Nine times out of ten when I can`t find my cat she`s hiding someplace where it`s warm: The back of the fridge, on top of a computer, or near a heating vent.

Ebony doesn`t fool me, she sometimes sits on my lap because it`s warm, not out of companionship. If you can`t find your kitty, check out all the warm places in your home.

And for God`s sake before you go on a long road trip make sure your cat isn`t under the hood.

Nyan may have used up a couple of her lives, but the kitten will be around for a few more years, as long as she stays out of truck engines.

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Photo Credit: (generic kitten, not Nyan)

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