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Published:February 1st, 2013 23:05 EST

Firefox to Block Java, Adobe Reader, and Silverlight, by Default

By John Pustelnik

In an effort to improve security, Firefox will begin disabling all content based on Java, Adobe Reader, and Silverlight, by default.


As reported by a post on Mozilla`s blog, users will have the option to enable the content by clicking on it.

The feature is called "Click to Play," and was previously introduced in Firefox for out-of-date plug-ins.

From now on, even if the plug-in is up-to-date, it will be blocked by default until a user clicks on it.

Java, Adobe Reader, and Silverlight are not the only plugins to be blocked by default. Every plugin, except for the current version of flash, will be disabled by default until a user clicks on the content to activate it.

"Poorly designed third party plugins are the number one cause of crashes in Firefox and can severely degrade a user`s experience on the Web." said Michael Coates, director of security assurance. By only activating plugins that the user desires to load, we`re helping eliminate pauses, crashes and other consequences of unwanted plugins."