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Published:April 8th, 2013 17:47 EST
Russian Military Warns of Potential Catastrophic Earthquake to Hit off Our West Coast

Russian Military Warns of Potential Catastrophic Earthquake to Hit off Our West Coast

By Ron G Anselm

"Bizarre scientific events that are as prevalent nowadays as rising gas prices but for some of these off the wall news articles we read about it`s almost the same premise as the old folktale of the Boy Who Cried Wolf; is it real? Or is it just another lie in a web of confusion?" (Anselm, R.) 

I have to admit over the past couple of years we have heard about many events taking place in our world that we sometimes are confused as to believe those events or is it just the media trying to fill the airwaves with stories to take up air time. 

One event that is real is the threat of global warming which has turned our environment into a hormonal frenzy. Look at last summer`s temperatures that were so above average in the southwest that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, heck you cold a prepare nine course meal without having to use an oven or this winter where here in Alabama the morning low temperatures reached record numbers equivalent to most of the Redneck`s normal IQ`s here. 

We are definitely living in out of the ordinary scientific times where we will see many changes in our environment and a lot more intensity when it comes to spring and summer storms and high and low temperatures during our normal four seasons. 

Now, we have another possible threat being sent out by the Russian military which states there is a potential for a catastrophic earthquake somewhere off the West Coast of the United States.  Being from California myself I have lived all my life there with the potential of what was called the Big One was going to hit or could hit at any time. I am referring to earthquakes. Maybe what the Russian military is referring to is the big earthquake that has been looming in the shadows of California for four decades now is really going to take place. 

Every area in the United States has the potential for some sort of natural disaster to occur. Here in Alabama we always have the threat of tornadoes as does the Midwest. In Florida it`s the threat of hurricanes and now sink holes. In the Northeast the threat of Nor`easters which I have been out in many of those in the Coast Guard rescuing lobster fishermen trying to save their lobster traps before the storm took them and I can tell you from experience those storms are very strong and you really don`t want to be out on the open ocean in a Coast Guard forty-four foot Motor Life boat; And of course in California we have the threat of earthquakes so this is nothing new. 

If anyone has not ever lived through an earthquake here is a little scenario of what they are like to go through. The ones that hit in California normally do not hit during the normal daylight hours when you are bright eyed and bushy tailed. No, they normally hit in the wee early morning hours when you are sound asleep and all is quiet. 

For me, every time we had an earthquake hit the next morning I always seemed to sense it. When I was a little kid and would go to bed the night before when an earthquake would hit or even a tremor would hit the next morning I would have a sort of bad feeling. Then I would fall asleep and ... Suddenly! Crash! A huge jolt jerks your bed as if it was just hit by a long range missile, or in my case I slept on the floor since we couldn`t afford a normal bed. Your eyes open as wide as silver dollar coins and the house feels like it is sitting on a roller coaster. Your adrenaline starts to flow because of the threat of danger. 

You hang on to whatever you can not to get tossed around like a pinball hitting walls or furniture near you and you hear the defining sound of crashing, banging and sometimes explosions outside. You can actually hear the ground shaking beneath you. Normally this may last for around thirty or so seconds and then has the intensity of the earthquake goes from a violently shaking frenzy you can feel the ground beneath you start to slow down from shaking and then it stops. 

Your nerves calm slowly. I am describing the 1971 earthquake that shook Los Angeles as if it were a top spinning in a small box and bouncing off the boxes walls. That quake was so powerful it put a large crack in the Sepulveda Dam which held millions of gallons of water that supplied the Los Angeles basin. I remember we had to evacuate the area for days while they repaired the crack in the dam. Also, in many cases when the area is hit by a major earthquake like the one in 1971 there is what is called tremors or mini earthquakes that happen for days after, so we also had plenty of those to deal with as-well. 

So, back to the potential warning by the Russian military of the big one hitting of our west coast; Russian naval forces operating in the Pacific region is warning that there is a moderate to high risk of a significant seismic event ready to happen on the North American plate, to lock the potential target area down more; off our west coast to include the coasts off Mexico and Canada.

Russian scientists have been studying what is known as the Artic Oscillation (AO) which has been responsible for plunging temperatures over the Northern Hemisphere into a vast of nothing but harsh cold conditions which has had a ripple effect on more melting sea ice. The Russian scientists are also worried about the planets highest barometric pressure over Greenland that has reached record highs that has sky rocketed to numbers never seen before in human history. 

All these scientific events could be attributed to the effects of global warming or maybe could be attributed to something else not yet discovered.  Our American scientists have confirmed that the findings by the Russian scientists are true and you can read about it in the Washington Post News Service titled, Record Blocking Patterns Fueling Extreme Weather which states:

"A near-record low value of the Arctic Oscillation the climate index that measures the difference in relative pressure between the Arctic and mid-latitudes " is partly responsible for the unseasonable chill. Just how low has the AO tanked? The AO index plummeted to -5.6 on Wednesday, a historically low value." (Washington Post) 

What is causing the potential for the big one to hit off the western region is by the massive anticyclone that is responsible for the record breaking barometric pressure numbers is causing destabilization of the Eurasian and North American plates which is causing a sort of chain reaction effect which if it does continue will rupture the Pacific Plate. 

What this is referring to is the ground plate under the earth in those regions when an earthquake occurs normally the plates under the earth shift moving the ground thus causing an earthquake. If the potential earthquake does happen as Russian scientists are stating and the earthquake happens out at sea we will have another catastrophe to deal with and that will be the threat of tidal waves which are caused by earthquakes far out at sea. 

Other references that show studies and finding about this can also be found in the New York Times News Service. One particular article that sheds light on this is titled, "How Storms Can Trigger Earthquakes," which states: 

"Scientists are increasingly pointing to storms as a trigger for earthquakes and mudslides. That`s raising questions about the effects that climate change might have on one of the world`s deadliest natural catastrophes, and to what extent, if any, insurers and governments could be adapting to the interplay between atmosphere and earth."  (New York Times) 

All of this information is interesting and worth a look into learning more about the scientific findings of how powerful storms and other weather related scientific events of how they have an impact on earthquakes and environmental factors with the threat of global warming adding to this problem. 

We hear about a lot of media topics on this and the possibility of some of those media reporting events may be just hype is real but for the most part I would tend to believe and take the Investigative Mode attitude when hearing about some of these events on the news and do a little more research to make sure it is not the same premise as the folktale of Boy Who Cried Wolf. 



Russian Military Warns Of Potential Catastrophic Quake On US West Coast, Disclose T.V. 



You know even the great game of Major League baseball was affected by an earthquake. If you are a sports fan then you probably remember the 1989 World Series that was postponed in the San Francisco Bay area which was hit by a minor earthquake back then. It halted the series from continuing for a day or so. Keep an eye out for my book, Our Grand Ol` National Past Time and buy your copy to read about the game of baseball. I will let everyone know of the ordering details and the release date when I know.