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Published:May 3rd, 2013 08:16 EST
Why Did Carnell Marcus Moore Choose Houston`s Bush International Airport For His Rampage?

Why Did Carnell Marcus Moore Choose Houston`s Bush International Airport For His Rampage?

By John G. Kays

Chaos prevailed yesterday at Houston`s Bush Intercontinental Airport, when 29-year-old Carnell Marcus Moore, armed with an AR-15 and a handgun, entered Terminal B and began firing at the ceiling, then shot himself in the head, as well as taking fire from a Homeland Security special agent, who just happened to be close by. 

The narrative of this traumatizing event is starting to come into focus, but many unknowns still cloud our understanding. Especially, the why behind Carnell Moore`s apocalyptic state of mind. 

The Houston Chronicle has managed to uncover some of the evidence regarding Moore`s state-of-mind, by visiting his home in Beaumont and tracing some of his troubling posts on Facebook, that are testament (in real time) of his consummate unraveling, as he begins to undertake his mission of (it`s anything but clear) ending it all.

One question that comes to my mind, is why didn`t any of his Friends on Facebook, after reading these disturbing proclamations, try to alert the authorities or contact him and try to help him? 

Carnell was telling (whoever read his posts) he was about to do something crazy; yet, it doesn`t look as if anyone took him seriously. And where and why did he get these guns? And why did he choose Bush International Airport as the spot to enact his rampage?

Certainly you are asking these very same questions; one other good one, is whether he planned on killing anyone, or did he only wish to commit suicide in a highly public location? Or were both of these scenarios true? First he`d kill some people, then he`d kill himself. 

One neighbor of Moore`s says he was quiet; another friend and co-worker says  `he was a good guy.` Carnell Moore graduated from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning program at the Lamar Institute of Technology (Houston Chronicle).

Scattered pieces of evidence of Carnell Moore`s life suggest things wern`t always so bad, such as the development of a career in heating and air conditioning; yet what was it that came along that spoiled the positive trend, that is the scarce outline of his life? 

Did somebody or something come along that put a wrench in the works? Had he ever done anything violent or suicidal before? Did he purchase the firearms legally (we of course want to know)? Did he have any history of mental illness?

As far as the event itself goes, the basic facts of what occurred are clearing up. I did notice, however, that some eyewitnesses thought they heard only four shots, while most actually heard five shots. 

Two reports, a pause, some shouting, two more reports, then another inactive interlude, followed by one final shot. News reporters, who were on location at Terminal B, saw evidence of a gunshot in the ceiling, no doubt discharged by Moore.

Yet what`s the exact gunshot attribution; I mean, how do the shots progress and who shot them (and when exactly)? Did the Homeland Security agent shoot only one shot, for example, or did he shoot off that last round that comprises the third and final cluster? 

But why did insanity reign for a few brief moments at Houston`s main airport? Really, we want to know, why did Moore choose the airport in the first place? What point was he trying to make?

I have many more questions then answers, as I`m sure you do also. I just heard that the NRA is having a big pow-wow in Houston this weekend; maybe they`ll want to discuss what just happened a day ago at Bush Airport, which I`m sure they`ll be passing through on their way to the convention.

Let`s hope they can get through security safely as they bring there hardware with them to show off at the firepower wingding! It looks like Carnell Moore made their job a little harder: the right to bear arms even if you`re going crazy!,0,5449734.story