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Published:December 1st, 2013 11:46 EST

Paul Crouch: Prosperity Preacher, Closeted Gay?, & All-Around Evil Man Dead! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Paul F. Crouch, a televangelist who co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network and turned it into one of the world`s largest Christian television networks, died on Saturday. He was 79.


He died after struggling with degenerative heart disease for a decade, the network said in a statement.

Mr. Crouch served as the face of the television network, along with his wife, Janice, known for her large pink wigs and heavy makeup."

The New York Times

Paul Crouch wasn`t as well-known as his televangelist brethren like Pat Robertson and Joel Osteen, but as the head of Trinity Broadcasting he wielded tremendous influence in the evangelical realm.

Crouch and his wife Janice were the face and embodiment of evangelical Christianity. Crouch with his well-coifed hair, prissy mannerisms, and expensive suits, and his spouse Janice with her pink wigs, pancake makeup, and scary mascara were the poster boy and poster girl for evangelical tomfoolery.

It`s interesting how the evangelical movement that is so hostile to gays and lesbians, turns a blind eye to ministers like Paul Crouch, Jim Bakker, and Benny Hinn who have more than a little bit of sugar in their tank.

In 2004 Crouch paid Enoch Lonnie Ford (gayest name in history), a former employee, a $425,000 settlement to end a wrongful termination lawsuit. Ford claimed that he and Crouch enjoyed a homosexual relationship. I point this out only to illustrate the hypocrisy of evangelical leaders who rail against homosexuality in public, but engage in homosexuality in private.

Crouch was one of the primary exponents of the "prosperity gospel", that doctrine of demons that teaches that if you have faith in God and donate generously; you will be financially and spiritually blessed in return.

Crouch lived an extravagant lifestyle worthy of a pimp or rock star; his own granddaughter accused him of financial improprieties.

Crouch is dead, and soon he will be forgotten, but his evil legacy lives on in the likes of Joel Osteen.

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