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Published:December 2nd, 2013 14:10 EST
Ruskin Bond`s World: Ankita Sharma Tells about Writing and Art

Ruskin Bond`s World: Ankita Sharma Tells about Writing and Art

By SOP newswire

My guest today is Ankita Sharma, a blogger and artist based in Faridabad, India. She loves writing, drawing and nature, especially animals. Sharma`s latest artwork is the cover art for Gulnaz Fatma`s book Ruskin Bond`s World (Modern History Press 2013).

Ernest: Ankita, thank you for taking time for this chat. Please tell our readers about your profession and what attracted you to drawing and writing?

Ankita: Thank you very much. I am an entrepreneur and run a self-publishing company in India.  I started this venture in 2010, out of my love for books and reading various literatures. Ever since I was a child, I was more inclined towards literature and art. Moreover, my parents too have this bent of mind so they were always quite encouraging. I wrote my first article when I was in class fifth. However, it was in mid-2008, I took up blogging, freelance writing and drawing & sketching seriously.

Ernest: In writing, what is your favorite genre and style of expression?

Ankita: My favorite genre is poetry as well as non-fiction that I just love reading and writing. I prefer verse; sometimes it can be more compact yet deeper than prose. I love writing simple verses, which are without any clichés and obsolete type of words.

Ernest: What about art? What kind of art you love to create?

Ankita: I find art even more awesome than words since "a picture is worth a thousand words". I prefer portrait sketching and nature-drawing. I also experiment with various mediums as it always helps one to maintain a steady hand. Art, I believe, is a very strong medium of making people aware of issues that plague our society. I try to do the same sometimes.

Ernest: How did you come to create the cover art for Ruskin Bond`s World?

Ankita: Ruskin Sir is my one of my favorite authors. I love his simple, to-the-point and easy writings. I decided to gift him a sketch and created one using pencil colors and posted the same to him. He was kind enough to send me a nice autograph in return! I will treasure that forever! Modern History press saw that sketch on my blog, Sketchosphere a few months later and contacted me with the opportunity. I am thankful to Mr. Volkman for liking and appreciating the sketch. However, when I made it, I had never imagined that some day it would be the cover page of a book!

Ernest: What do you feel whether writing or art takes more attention and focus?

Ankita: I feel both. Writing too is a form of art. Words are used creatively with various literary devices to create something of purpose, just like art.

Ernest: In your writing and drawing, do you see any main influence of your culture?

Ankita: Of course! My writing and art carry strong shades of my culture. I write strongly about animals, soul, rebirth, spirituality and the like that are concepts of my culture. I feel a writer and his culture are inseparable and a writer`s work also shows how deep he has imbibed his culture, whether he supports or is against it. His stance becomes very clear in his writings.

Ernest: What are some of the big challenges you face while writing?

Ankita: I always try to avoid indecent and inappropriate remarks or satire on a particular person, community, religion or culture. I do not wish to hurt anyone in anyway. Also, I always try to keep the writing meaningful and compact so that the reader does not get bored while reading long and superfluous descriptions.

Ernest: Do you believe media gives sufficient coverage of artistic activity and events in your society?

Ankita: In India, I feel, a good chunk of media is a bit biased towards cinema and cricket. This sometimes eats away all the attention from artistic activities that are discussed only by the interested few. However, I feel, India is literally experiencing a literary boom! People are fast becoming fond of books!

Ernest: What are your future plans for career?

Ankita: Nothing much as I always prefer to go with the flow. I believe in God and will walk on the path He shows. My business and writing are my priorities. But yes, sometime in future, I would love to start a care center for sick and stray animals. My heart bleeds when I see cruelty on them in any way.

Ernest: Thank you Ankita for sharing your thoughts with our readers.

Ankita: Thank you Sir. Pleasure is all mine!

Visit to read and see Ankita Sharma`s work.