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Published:January 16th, 2014 16:26 EST
Rick Dyer: Bigfoot Hunter?

Rick Dyer: Bigfoot Hunter?

By Derek Sanders

"Bigfoot is 100 percent real - there`s no question about that," says Rick Dyer, a self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunter who claims to have encountered the creature that has been the subject of various urban legends along the North American continent. Dyer also claims to have shot and killed it and taken pictures of the dead body.


According to, Dyer encountered the creature in a wooded area near Highway 151 in San Antonio, Texas in 2012, after several accounts from homeless people in the area lead him to investigate. Using ribs purchased at Wal-Mart and nailed to trees in the area as bait, he said that he took the fatal shot after the creature knocked over his friend. Its body was later taken away for testing.


"Every test that you can possibly imagine was performed on this body - from DNA tests to 3D optical scans to body scans. It is the real deal," Dyer said. "It`s Bigfoot and Bigfoot`s here and I shot it and now I`m proving it to the world."


Dyer says that he recently was able to gain access to it, allowing him to take pictures and share them with the public. He also created a video showing people reacting to seeing the body, though the actual body is never shown within the video. However, many viewing his findings online have responded negatively, with some stating that his evidence could have been fabricated.


Dyer was also known to have taken part in a Bigfoot hoax years ago. In August 2008, he and an associate claimed to have found a Bigfoot corpse, but the alleged body was later revealed to have been a rubber gorilla costume. Dyer, however, maintains that this time, he has managed to find a real specimen.


"Bigfoot is not a tooth fairy; Bigfoot is real," Dyer said. "The most important thing to me is being vindicated, letting people know that I am the best Bigfoot tracker in the world and it`s not just me saying it."