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Published:April 15th, 2014 12:54 EST
An Unsolved Mysteries Episode, Preserves Danny Casolaro`s Shocking Undercover Breakthroughs!

An Unsolved Mysteries Episode, Preserves Danny Casolaro`s Shocking Undercover Breakthroughs!

By John G. Kays

This is a second installment of a short, three part series I`m writing, covering several of those old `Unsolved Mysteries,` that report three unaccounted deaths, seemingly connected. The first part covered Charles Morgan`s unexplained death on March 22, 1977, this (current chronicle) touches on Danny Casolaro`s staged suicide (on the 9th or 10th of August, 1991), and the final installment will deal with Doug Johnston`s death, from a gunshot to the back of the head (Mistake Hit, on Disc 3 of the Bizarre Murders box, Unsolved Mysteries). 

These three cases are, at this point, nearly ancient, but still need further investigation, since, as far as I know, they still remain unsolved. Most of all, we need to bring them back out to open air; these cases need rapid (re)-promulgation!

The connection tying in Danny Casolaro to the other two UMs episodes is briefly referenced in Mistake Hit. By the way, if you don`t have the Bizarre Murders box set, you can order it on Amazon, since it`s a valuable resource to have around, if you`re the kind of person who likes to examine some of these older cold cases from time to time. 

That is, before his death, Danny had contacted a journalist by the name of Don Deveraux, who was looking into Charles Morgan`s death; it`s not quite clear exactly why Casolaro wanted to see Deveraux`s research, but I suspect Danny had somehow come across Charles Morgan, as he probed the lengthy, demonic tentacles of The Octopus.

Danny never got that opportunity to meet Don Deveraux; furthermore, his important papers were not found in his Sheraton Hotel room in Martinburg, West Virginia, but his lifeless body was discovered by maids, a bloody mess in a drawn bathtub (at 12:51 PM, August 10, 1991). As far as The Octopus goes, I may have to get back with you, since I`m still researching what that entailed. 

My current feeling is, this is a conspiracy that gets as complicated as The Kennedy Assassination and Watergate combined, then some; however, the Inslaw scandal part of it probably comprises a lions share of what I`ll call: The Octopus Apparatus. Did the CIA have to eliminate Danny Casolaro, who knew a lot more than he should have?

I don`t really have anything new on this case to share with you, other than to tell you I`m studying what we already have, or what still remains on the internet (the remnants of other sources may exist in paper files?). Really, my only goal is to try and keep the investigation going; we have to thank the popularity of the Unsolved Mystery show for it`s persevering presence. It`s not completely dead and it hadn`t been covered up (yea, I`m afraid, it was partially buried).

I noticed, at one time, Jack Anderson was looking into Danny Casolaro`s odd death and possibly had written about The Octopus. I tend to call Jack Anderson The Godfather of what we know today as an aggressive branch of news inquiry, referred to as Investigative Journalism. Danny himself might deserve a similar moniker with his ground-breaking probes, of far-reaching corruption.

And yet his revelatory notes are gone! But, others have been able to pick up the ball and run with it; the most important item I`d like to know, is to what extent, had Danny verified the facts surrounding the October Surprise? And is Iran/Contra merely an extension of October Surprise and of the Inslaw software scandal? How much did Ed Meese and Ronald Reagan know? 

Did they know that the Justice Department and the CIA were spying on both hostile and friendly foreign governments with purloined, bugged PROMIS software? Did Reagan`s henchmen fix the 1980 election by bribery, delaying the release of American hostages until their boss got himself elected? Who has disproven the October Surprise conspiracy theory? Or is it still alive, with the persistence of researchers working zealously after Danny Castolero`s death?

You can take action and do some investigating on your own; I encourage you to do so, since these suspicious deaths should not be brushed under the rug. Look, I don`t know a great deal about The Octopus, but I`m more than willing to learn; one thing is, I`d like to read what Jack Anderson may have found out, since he had a way of finding things out and had some very good sources. Just a few sources are mandatory, so I`ll mention them now. 

I`d start out by watching the UMs episode, Journalist`s Murder, then branch out from there. You have to read The Mysterious Death of Danny Casolaro, by Jonathan VonErich; then another absolute is: The Last Days of Danny Casolaro (The Village Voice - October 15, 1991). Don`t forget a good New York Times piece, Reporter Is Buried Amid Questions Over His Pursuit of Conspiracy Idea, by Neil A. Lewis (August 17, 1991). 

You can find a rather interesting pod cast on YouTube, Danny Casolaro Murdered into Silence? (The Corbett Report - November 19, 2011). I even want to see Writer`s Death Gets Second Look, by Maria Puente (USA Today); well, ultimately, we`d like to know, was that CIA and military intelligence dropping by at Danny`s funeral?