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Published:October 26th, 2014 10:47 EST

Dude With Bentley Logo Face Tattoo Convicted of ID Theft

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Some convicts want to start over with a clean slate: Derek Denesevich wants to start over with a clean face.

His distinctive facial tattoos  including the Bentley luxury car logo inked across his forehead  didn`t stop Denesevich from pretending to be other people, stealing their identities and filing fraudulent tax returns.


At his sentencing Friday, Denesevich told the judge he has totally changed his life and is undergoing several months of tattoo removal treatment by a plastic surgeon."


A Bentley parked in your garage denotes success, class and sophistication, a Bentley logo tattooed on your forehead denotes stupidity and an alarming lack of class and sophistication.

Note: If you are determined to pursue a career in forgery and pretending to be other people, don`t cover your face with tattoos.

It looks like this character has really turned over a new leaf, he`s undergoing several months of tattoo removal treatments. Although he`s going to keep a giant tattoo on his back of his own face with a Bentley logo.

Dude, give it up! Bentley is not going to hire you to endorse their luxury automobiles.

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