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Published:February 20th, 2015 13:02 EST
Tammy Meyers and the 'Las Vegas Road-Rage Incident,' Have Seen Some Twists and Turns!

Tammy Meyers and the 'Las Vegas Road-Rage Incident,' Have Seen Some Twists and Turns!

By John G. Kays

`The Las Vegas Road-Rage Incident` story, occurring late at night on Feb 12th, where Tammy Meyers, 44, lost her life, has taken quite a few twists and turns, over little more than a week now! You`ve probably already noticed this fact, but as for myself, I`m just now awakening to this startling realization; as such, I`m making a concerted effort to sort through this maze, relying on the best news sources I can find. 

I`m beginning to feel a bit clearer on some points of controversy, while others will probably require a good deal more digging about. Yesterday`s dramatic arrest of a local punk, 19-year-old Erich Nowasch, brought quite a few things together for me, as I`m sure it did for you. Rather, perhaps I should rephrase that; really, it tore quite a few things apart!  

The innuendo (which I believe is now a fact) of Tammy Meyers previously knowing her killer has brought shockwaves to the public, who are following real-time developments in this case, on pins and needles, I might add. I don`t suppose I could exclude myself from this set of devotees enraptured by each and every nuance of development! I`d say, the metamorphosis of thinking is strong enough to almost postulate Road-Rage is really the wrong power-phrase characterizing what actually happened here!

I wouldn`t characterize this homicide as Road-Rage really, although a small part of it might be looked at in this way. Typically, these types of incidents, which frequently occur on U.S. highways and streets, involve parties who don`t know one another, up until the defining moment, which triggers the turbulent confrontation. 

It just so happens these people, many who are already very troubled, carry loaded firearms with them in their cars or trucks. If some jerk tailgates them or shoots them the Bird, they can whip out their handy pistol and start a (ritualistic) stalk for the kill. The Daily Mail found out that Erich Nowasch (this is the only place I ran into this important piece of reporting) was in a gang; the fact he loved pot and all the paraphernalia associated with marijuana worship and usage, is merely an appendage to his gang membership, as I see it. 

This sizable Gang Factor is one of the reasons I question the murder of Tammy Meyers should be termed a Road-Rage type of situation. Another fact, which pushes against the RR grain, is the very shocking realization of Tammy and her son Robert, who brought a gun (the Daily Mail has pic of his gun) along for the ride, were aggressively driving around, looking for this bunch who had earlier accosted them. This vastly changes the way we can tell this story! Not that Tammy didn`t have a right to do this, but it makes it an entirely different creature we`re talking about here.

This morphing story doesn`t diminish one iota the tragedy of Tammy`s death; on the contrary, it only increases the levels of loss and sorrow we will feel! What I`m thinking really, is, the narrative gets rather more complicated; the nuances of the tragedy are much more subtle, appearing in shades of gray. 

Here are some of the pressing issues, which rather sound like metaphors describing the current state of affairs, of living in America: a proliferation of readily available, powerful firearms, Gangs, Pot Worship, fast cars, Las Vegas (in general), Vigilantism (I just recently viewed The Death Wishes) and Road-Rage and its true definition! 

So many are obsessed with this case, coming from the media and from the general public; these categories listed can comprise some of the reasons behind this infatuation. I even saw an animated simulation created for the shooting! Wow, that`s taking it a little too far, but, of course, people eat it up! 

The United States is a very violent place; always has been, always will be, `cuz it`s getting even more violent. The Tammy Meyers tragedy in Las Vegas is living proof of my viable theory; it`s not an indictment, just a casual, obvious observation, coming from somebody who`s been around for a while.