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Published:August 30th, 2015 10:45 EST

Japanese Kids Enter Giant Toilet to Learn About Poop

By Robert Paul Reyes

" Video from a toilet-themed exhibition at a Japanese museum shows schoolkids donning poop hats and sliding down an enormous commode.


The giant toilet, which was part of the Miraikan museum`s `Toilet!? - Human Waste & Earth`s Future ` exhibit in Osaka, allowed children to learn about toilets and how they work by  sliding into a giant replica toilet  while wearing hats designed to resemble human feces.

The exhibition, which has since ended, also included interactive educational materials about the nature of feces and the impact of human and animal waste on the environment. "


This enormous commode is a wonderful idea, it gives children a hands-on education about the nature of feces, and the impact of human waste on the environment. 

The kids will forget a lecture, or even a video, about the impact of crap on the environment in a few hours, but sliding down a giant crapper is an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

It`s a valuable learning tool, and parents should warn younger children that if they don`t flush the toilet they will be flushed down a real giant commode. 

The effect of dog poop on the environment is a serious issue, canine feces is teeming with bacteria that`s harmful to humans and animals. 

I wish a museum would feature a Giant Pooper Scooper exhibit to teach adults to pick up after their pets. A ginormous Pooper Scooper would pick up the museum guests and deposit them in a giant trash container full of dog sh**. If that doesn`t teach dog owners to be considerate of the environment and of their neighbors, nothing will. 


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia