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Published:February 10th, 2016 22:11 EST
Hilary Kole Brings New Life to Judy Garland Songs

Hilary Kole Brings New Life to Judy Garland Songs

By SOP newswire2

Hilary Kole, on this stunningly fresh collection of performances of songs from the well-worn repertoire of Judy Garland, reveals and brings new life to the emotional core of each tune while revealing herself as a consummate interpreter. While never attempting to imitate Garland, Hilary tells Judy`s story " relaying the joy of falling in love, the hope that love will prevail, the heartbreak when love fails. And most importantly, the gathering of the will and desire to pick oneself up again to give it one more try. 

Song choices are based on Hilary`s successful live performances of the Judy canon, her Over the Rainbow tribute concerts held the world over. Fresh from a series of these performances, Hilary brought the energy and vitality of the live concert hall to into the studio on Manhattan`s Lower East Side.

Then, finally, the icing on the cake: Hilary Kole`s stunning interpretation of the most famous song of all. The signature tune that followed Judy through her whole life, changing meanings constantly from her teen years through her battles with demons of all kinds. The song that was almost cut from its famous movie because it was too sad. The song written in 1939, as World War II was brewing in Europe, the Great Depression was in full swing here at home, and storm clouds were gathering. It is from that starting point that Kole began writing her remarkable string quartet arrangement to that remarkable song. In her equally stunning vocal performance, she embodies every measure of despair yet every measure of hope the composers intended. It is a show stopper. - Richard Barone, Producer Greenwich Village, NYC

I remember my father, who was then my biggest musical influence (he was a Broadway singer back in the day and a great vocal coach) sitting me down when I was ten or eleven to watch The Judy Garland Show. Now, I was a huge fan from seeing Judy as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz " like the rest of the world. But this sealed the deal for me. She was a pro`s pro. A singer`s singer. I fell madly in love with her and her love of performing. With this project, I hoped to capture her love of these songs, done in my own way, but with a very respectful nod to someone who has influenced me beyond belief. So many times I have thought about how to approach a certain song or phrase in a song, and so many times I have asked myself " how would Judy do it? She was fearless, as I aspire to be on stage and in the studio. I recorded this project to pay homage to a singular talent, and to thank her for changing my life.  - Hilary Kole


Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart        4:12

The Boy Next Door                                    4:14

Just in Time                                                 2:54

You Made Me Love You                           4:59

Stompin` at the Savoy                               3:34

The Man That Got Away                           4:22

A Cottage for Sale                                      6:28

I Wish I Were in Love Again                    3:15

Look for the Silver Lining                         3:43

The Trolley Song                                        3:26

Get Happy                                                   3:38

Embraceable You                                       4:34

As Long As He Needs Me                         5:20

It Never Was You                                       4:22

Over the Rainbow                                     6:01



Hilary Kole, vocals  & piano
Paul Gill, bass;
Aaron Kimmel, drums;
John DiMartino, piano; Joel Frahm, Sax
Strings: Christiana Liberis & Juliette Jones, Violin;
Stephanie Matthews, Viola; Reenat Pinchas, Cello


Engineered by Lou Holtzman

Recorded at EastSide Sound

Mastered by Roger Lian Mastering, New York

Global Press Representative
Tom Estey
President & CEO, Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion

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Tim Fox
President, Columbia Artists Management LLC (CAMI)
5 Columbus Circle @ 1790 Broadway, New York, NY 10019