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Published:March 2nd, 2017 09:48 EST

Chelsea Clinton is the Most Repulsive Potential 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

By Robert Paul Reyes

Despite two humiliating losses for Hillary Clinton, in 2008 she lost to a political neophyte with a Muslim name, and in 2016 to a racist clown, Democratic elites are determined to keep the Clinton dynasty alive.

Bill and Hillary didn`t have any offspring, but Hillary and Webster Hubbell had one daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Unfortunately, Chelsea has all the physical attractiveness and charisma of her toad-looking baby daddy, which is zilch.

But that hasn`t stopped the liberal elites from promoting Chelsea as the Second Coming of Bill Clinton. If Chelsea possessed even a fraction of the charm and charisma of Bill she would be a viable candidate, but she doesn`t have the allure to elicit a cat call from a crackhead homeless person.

Chelsea is physically repulsive, she doesn`t know how to work a crowd, she`s the most unnatural politician since her mother. Even with the financial backing of the one percent, she couldn`t be elected dog catcher in New York City.

The Democratic Party should stop trying to foist this abomination on us -- can you imagine what Donald Trump would do to Chelsea if she ran against him in 2020? He would grab her by the pussy, bitch slap her, command her to spray orange tan on his face, and he would win in an electoral college and popular vote landslide!

The Democrats need to get it through their thick heads that the Clinton brand is dead beyond salvation. The Democratic Party desperately needs an infusion of new blood.

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