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Published:March 14th, 2017 17:25 EST

Marco Rubio Slams Snoop Dogg Over Music Video Depicting Mock Trump Assassination

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Snoop Dogg has been criticised for shooting a toy gun at a Donald Trump character in a music video.

"Florida Senator Marco Rubio said the rap star was unwise to pretend to shoot a clown dressed as the US president in the video.


Mr Rubio told TMZ: If the wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea, you could have a real problem."


This is a follow up to my article:

Snoop Dogg Shoots Evil Clown Donald Trump in New Video

The video depicts Snoop shooting the evil Trump clown with a toy gun that releases a flag with the word "bang" written on it.

I must concede that there`s one in a billion chance that Snoop`s video might inspire a Jihadist with a sense of the absurd to shoot the real evil Trump with a toy gun that releases a flag with the word "bang" written on it when the trigger is pulled.

But when Snoop`s fans see the video they will only be inspired to munch on Cheetos, take a hit from the bong, and exclaim: Snoop is a righteous dude, I`m glad he clowning on that fat ass Trump clown.

Little Marco needs the chill the hell out, smoke a big blunt and give Snoop Dogg his well-deserved props.

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