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Published:June 12th, 2008 12:27 EST
Melting Ice Sheets Show No Sign of Slowing: 2012 Is Coming

Melting Ice Sheets Show No Sign of Slowing: 2012 Is Coming

By SOP newswire2

Hi Judyth Piazza,

This week, a New York Times article revealed that 11 independent research teams predict arctic sea ice retreats will be at least - or even more - severe this year as last.

Tell Congress that YOU care about the effects of global warming on arctic animals and other wildlife. And it`s time for them to care too! >>

Mark Serreze, a scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, told the New York Times that there`s even a decent chance that the North Pole melts out ? this year.

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It`s hard to imagine a world without a North Pole - or any one of the unique and fascinating creatures that thrive in cold climates. But if current trends continue, the number of animals listed under the Endangered Species Act could grow at heartbreaking rates.

But there is hope. You can sign the Call to Care petition urging members of Congress to work together to ensure animals and animal habitat are protected from climate change. Let`s prove the scientist wrong this year! Please sign the Call to Care now >>

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P.S. The petition is part of Irreplaceable - a campaign that brings together groups from the worlds of art, justice, science and faith. These groups show that people from all walks of life are uniting to protect wildlife from global warming.