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Published:July 9th, 2008 09:21 EST
Democrats' Energy Plan

Democrats' Energy Plan

By John Lillpop

"Drive Smaller Cars, Wait for Wind!"

Liberal obstructionists anxious to kill the oil and automobile industries in order to save endangered insects have been boxed into a corner in the Congress.

Specifically, a majority of Americans wants Congress to lift the ban on offshore and ANWR drilling escalation, a position untenable to the loony left lead by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Most Americans believe that the energy crisis can be solved by increasing supply, rather by imposing higher taxes or other draconian measures designed by the far left to get people out of their automobiles.

In other words, the American people are saying: Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Leader Harry Reid, get the hell out of the way and let business people with common sense solve the problem!

As to being boxed in, Democrat leaders in the US House had vowed to take up important energy legislation right after the Independence Day recess. *

However, leadership is now fearful that any energy-related measure would give the GOP an opportunity to force a vote on domestic drilling, a vote that most surely would cause the drilling ban to be repealed.

Consequently, the House of Pelosi has called off any immediate plans to bring energy legislation to the floor of the House.

So, my fellow Americans, while the price you pay at the pump marches relentlessly toward $5.00 a gallon, the Democrat Party refuses to permit a vote on drilling, a solution favored by 75 percent of the electorate!

Thanks to Democrats, the festivities just concluded from coast to coast, all across our grand land, to celebrate American independence, freedom, and democracy seem naively cynical.

A Democratic aide summed up that cynicism perfectly by saying, "Right now, our strategy on gas prices is Drive small cars and wait for the wind."

Surely, We the people deserve more, and better, from our elected representatives?