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Published:August 5th, 2008 15:04 EST
John McCain

McCain Surges Past Obama!

By John Lillpop

For some time now, it has been obvious that Barack Obama lacks the requisite experience and judgment to manage the world`s only superpower nation. In addition, it is now abundantly clear that he is completely unqualified to run a political campaign.

Indeed, since taking the mainstream media on a self-serving tour of the Middle East and Europe, Obama`s lead over John McCain has vanished.

In fact, according to a recent Rasmussen daily Presidential Tracking Poll, John McCain now owns a slight lead in the race for the White House. *

This stunning reversal of fortunes makes it clear that the American people are not interested in electing a "world citizen" to serve as president of these great United States.

Voters want a president whom is passionately in love with Americans and the values that we hold dear, and whom is willing to defend those values against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Voters want a president whom will treat foreign leaders with utmost respect and dignity, but whom will proudly pursue an "America First!" agenda with apologies to none, foreign or domestic.

Voters want a president whom would bolt from his pew and immediately leave the church building if the presiding pastor blamed the US for 9/11 and shouted "GD America!" during a worship service.

Voters want a president whom respects and honors US military personnel, and whom proudly trumpets significant military successes in the war on terror, such as the recent surge in Iraq.

Voters want a president who will serve as commander-in-chief with the well being of 300 million Americans as the greatest priority, rather than one motivated by personal ambition where winning an election might be more important.

Voters want a leader who respects American language and culture as is, and who would never talk down to American citizens by demanding that they learn a foreign language to accommodate immigrants, a significant percentage of whom are here illegally.

Voters want a president who speaks English without embarrassment or apology to anyone!

Voters want a president whom has principled stands on the major issues confronting America and whom stands by those principles, rather than one whom flip flops in order to maintain the cadence dictated by fleeting opinion polls.

Voters want a president who is a "mainstream" moderate with balanced views on vital issues of the day, rather than one who embraces extreme liberalism and outright socialism.

Voters want a president whom proudly displays the American flag at every opportunity & whom understands and respects Old Glory as a symbol of all that is great about America.

In short, American voters want a president whom is extreme only in his loyalty and dedication to America and Americans.

Barack Obama is NOT what American voters need or want for our 44th president!