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Published:October 19th, 2008 19:09 EST
Colin Powell: He May Be A Brother, But That Is Irrelevant!

Colin Powell: He May Be A Brother, But That Is Irrelevant!

By John Lillpop

Colin Powell`s "Not Based on Race" Endorsement


How considerate and thoughtful of Colin Powell to assure the world that his endorsement of Barack Obama is not based on race.


What a relief to know that Colin Powell has remained unbiased in this highly charged and partisan election.

If Powell is to be believed, it was must have been a matter of sheer coincidence that Powell, an African-American, decided that a fellow African-American was the most qualified to serve as president.

Race was not a factor, right?

After all, John McCain deserved to be soundly rejected after he selected Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, a clear example of faulty judgment because as vice president Palin would ascend to the presidency, should something untoward happen to the 72-year old.

Far better to support an inexperienced junior senator who has no executive experience whatsoever and no substantial achievements to his credit, but who would move directly from the inaugural lectern to the commander-in-chief`s chair on January 20, right?

Far better to rally behind a senator whose judgment must be questioned in light of associations with domestic terrorists, racists pastors, and corrupt business people, right?

Far better to endorse a man who is up to his ears in voter fraud (through ACORN) than to burden America with the likes of Governor Palin?

By all means, General Powell, let`s keep Sarah Palin out of the White House even if it means electing a communist who may not even be an American citizen.

Besides, Obama is a world-class "Transformational figure, " right?

The fact that that description also applies to Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler is just another unfortunate coincidence, right?

Sorry, General Powell, but me think you protest too much!

Your endorsement would be more credible if you simply admitted that you are voting for Obama because he is a brother, than by choosing to manufacture flimsy, nonsensical excuses.

Better to be known as a racist, than as a racist and a liar!