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Published:March 13th, 2009 19:16 EST
250,000 Baby Seals in a Graveyard

250,000 Baby Seals in a Graveyard

By SOP newswire2

"To immobilize each of the seal pups, a sealer near us quickly clubbed every seal within a small radius and then dragged the bodies to the center of his circle. One by one he flipped each seal on its back and skinned it. If the seal flipped around or fought against the skinning, he`d flip it on its stomach, club it several more times and then finish the skinning."
- IFAW Seal Hunt Observer

Photo: young harp seal
You have the power to protect baby seals like this one.
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In just a few short weeks, Canada`s ice floes will transform from spectacular miracle to blood-soaked graveyard for more than 250,000 baby seals. Harp seals as young as three weeks old will be shot or beaten, impaled with metal hooks, or even have the skin ripped off their bodies as Canada`s commercial seal hunt gets underway.

You`re among the few people I can count on to open your heart to these baby seals during this desperate time.

Donate online right now to help us pass the Harb Seal Bill which will end this hunt.

Your gift means you`re right there with us on the ice as our brave hunt observers document the cruelty and suffering of baby seals. We`ve even witnessed an injured seal at the foot of a sealer try to sit up -- only to be hooked in the face and dragged back to the boat still very much alive.

Observing and documenting the hunt is not easy or inexpensive work. It means hours of flying over icy Atlantic waters searching for sealing boats. It means hours of documenting the hunt from the ice floes and from the air in helicopters. It means reviewing hours of tape to make sure we document every case of abuse that we capture on film.

And without this footage, the world would not know the kind of animal cruelty really taking place at this hunt - one the Canadian government still calls "humane."

Together with IFAW, supporters like you helped raise a global outcry that stopped the killing of whitecoat baby seals under two weeks old in the 1980s. But I need your financial support now to help us end the full hunt forever.

  • For just $25, you can buy safety gear for our hunt observers who risk their lives on the ice.
  • For $50, you can help pay for a seal hunt observation permit to document the ongoing cruelty and abuse to baby seals.
  • For $100, you can help put a cameraman on the ice to document the cruelties of the hunt at close range.

I can tell you that it never gets any easier to watch the horrific scenes captured in our hunt footage. But I am strengthened by the knowledge that we will win this fight. The Harb Seal Bill, the proposed EU seal product ban, and the end of the whitecoat harp seal hunt in Russia are the beginning of the end for this cruel hunt.

Any amount you can afford to give today will help carry us over the finish line and bring the horrors of this hunt before the eyes of the world.

With gratitude,

Fred O`Regan
IFAW President