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Published:June 20th, 2009 11:46 EST
U.S. Polar Bears Extinct in 75 Years?

U.S. Polar Bears Extinct in 75 Years?

By SOP newswire2

The future for polar bears is deadly, according to an alarming new White House report:

It is projected that there will be no wild polar bears left in Alaska in 75 years. "
-- Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States
Without your urgent action, more polar bears will drown or starve to death, and become extinct in the U.S.

Please donate right now to support our urgent fight in Congress to save the lives of polar bears, penguins and other precious wildlife from global warming.

Polar bear habitat is quickly melting away at an astonishing rate. This summer`s heat could rob these iconic bears of even more sea ice they need to hunt and raise their young.

More melting means more polar bears will likely drown in their search for sea ice -- and more cubs will starve to death.

But there is hope. Defenders of Wildlife is fighting selfish corporate interests to pass national legislation for a better future for polar bears and other wildlife already dying from the effects of rising temperatures. 

Your compassionate donation today will help us face the challenge of global warming head-on -- and help our polar bears, penguins and other wildlife survive in a warming world.

Defenders is the voice for animals in Congress, leading the charge to ensure that wildlife isn`t forgotten in the congressional debate over global warming. Right now, our staff is busy on Capitol Hill winning votes to ensure passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act -- life-saving legislation that would significantly curb greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming and provide programs to help polar bears and other wildlife survive.

Thanks to people like you, in the last 24 hours we`ve mobilized more than 17,000 supporters from across the country to urge their elected officials to support this historic legislation.

But our work doesn`t end in the halls of Congress. We`re ramping up our public media campaign to educate others about global warming`s threat to polar bears and other wildlife. We`re producing new videos with famed Animal Planet biologist Jeff Corwin highlighting the plight of wildlife in a warming world. And our award-winning public service announcements on global warming have already reached millions of viewers.

But none of this important work would be possible without your caring support. Please donate today to help save polar bears and other wildlife -- we need your help for our critical fight in Congress by Monday, June 22nd.

Our wildlife is already dying because of global warming.

Rising temperatures are killing coral reefs and devastating entire sea life communities that depend on them. Increased fires, insect pests, disease and invasive weeds are already affecting 33 million acres of our forests. Our deserts are becoming hotter and drier. Rising temperatures may cause up to 40 percent of Northwest salmon populations to disappear in the coming decades.

Global warming is here. And without urgent action, things will get worse for our wildlife.

Please contribute what you can by June 22nd to help our wildlife survive in a warming world.

Our fight will be long and hard against wealthy corporations, but with your support, we can ensure a brighter future for struggling polar bears and other wildlife feeling the effects of rising temperatures.

Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife