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Published:July 30th, 2009 10:28 EST
The Moratorium NOW! Coalition

The Moratorium NOW! Coalition

By Garrett Godwin

DETROIT, MI (The People`s Summit -

Members of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition were protesting outside the offices of DTE Energy mid-Friday afternoon near Bagley and Third Avenue in downtown Detroit for the purpose of stopping utility shut-offs on behalf of those that have suffered due to the company`s "criminal negiligence", while making a profit of it in the process.

The Moratorium NOW! Coalition was one of the prime movers for the National People`s Summit and Tent City, the June 15-17 meeting that took place on Woodward Avenue in "The Spirit of Dr. King".  Like him, they advocate on platforms that includes civil rights for all (gay, straight, bi, etc.), and justice both socially and economically.

Two of the organization`s representatives met and spoke with several DTE Energy executives the day before in plead for a stop to water, heat, and light terminations.  The executives stated information on current policies and proposals as well as upcoming programs for their customers, but the Moratorium NOW! Coalition wants them to halt must be neccessary to provide a grace period for the customers as well as preventing more lives being lost -- such as the Vaughn Reed family.

The Moratorium NOW! Coalition demands that Gov. Jennifer Granholm declares an economic state of emergency, and the stopping of all foreclosures, utility shut-offs, and evictions all over Michigan due to rising financial and economic problems that continues to plague both the state and the declining Motor City known as Detroit.