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Published:August 25th, 2009 19:58 EST
Addition to the Constitution

Addition to the Constitution

By Richard Taylor

Ultimately, life is about the diversity of relationships. Different is good. That is why The All " created us in different forms. Why won`t you believe in miracles? The truth shall set you free. There should be no sick, homeless starving people in this awesome world that The All " has created for us. Let us get over the fears that have been bred in us and really start to live. Let us take our lives back. I promise you, it won`t hurt.


Life is sustained by a creative energy, fundamentally benign in nature. With a tendency to manifest and express itself in movement, rhythm, and pattern. Creation is sustained by a superhuman, pulsating restlessness, a type of resonance vibrating throughout time and eternity.

The New Realizations:

a. God and the divine (I prefer the term The All ") are described as a creative energy, which is perceived to include, but also supersede, everything traditional theology attributes to God.

b. The divine energy is not stable or unchanging, but works through movement, rhythm pattern, and restlessness --- within the evolving nature of life itself.

c. the divine co-creativity operates within the evolutionary process rather than an external agent based on a cause and effect relationship.

d. Notions such as God " and divinity are used sparingly, because these are human constructs (descriptions) that may limit rather than enhance our understanding of life`s ultimate source and meaning.

Wholeness, which is largely unmanifest and dynamic (not static), is the wellspring of all possibility. In seeking to understand life, we begin with the whole which is always greater than the sum of the parts. Paradoxically, the whole is contained in each part, yet no whole is complete in itself.

The New Realizations:

a. No one source of knowledge, theological or scientific, can provide a complete description of reality, the mystery of life is fundamentally open-ended.

b. theology is about opening up new horizons of possibility and ultimate cleaning, and not about consigning truth to specific dogmas, creeds, or religions.

c. Since the whole is understood to be contained in, but not by, each part, the dilemma of pantheism is resolved.


Evolution is underpinned by a deep unfolding structure, characterized by design and purpose, necessitating an unceasing interplay of order and disorder, randomness and creativity.

The New Realizations:

a. Evolution is considered to be the primary context of divine-human creativity in the world.

b. Life, in its basic meaning, is blessed and not flawed (as in the original sin approach).

c. In the divine-human unfolding, light and shadow always intermingle: quantum theology, while acknowledging the paradox of polarity, seeks to outgrow all dualisms, especially that of good vs. evil.


The expanding horizon of divine belonging is the context in which revelation takes place: all creatures are invited to respond, to engage in the co-creative task of being and becoming. All life forms have unique roles in this process, the primary focus of which is creation itself rather than formal religion.

The New Realizations:

a. The primary context of divine revelation is the unfolding process of creation and not formal religion. Each religion is a particular crystallization of divine revelation. No one religion, not even all the religions together, could contain or explain the fullness of revelation.

b. All life forms, and not just humans, have a co-creative role in the divine plan for the world and in the responses it elicits and evokes.

c. Revelation is ongoing; it cannot be subsumed in any religion, creed, or cultural system.


Because the capacity to relate is itself the primary divine energy, impregnating creation, we humans need authentic ecclesial and sacramental experiences to explore and articulate our innate vocation to be people in relationship.

The New Realizations:

a. The doctrine of the Trinity is a human attempt to describe God`s fundamental relational nature.

b. The divine interaction within creation is that of subject to subject rather than subject to object.

c. The innate human desire and capacity for relationships is the experience in which we connect most authentically with the divine ambience of our existence.

d. Church and sacraments are key moments for exploring and articulating our relatedness, as a divine invitation to life and meaning, not organizations and rituals commanding legal observance.


Ultimate meaning is embedded in story, not in facts. All particular religious stories belong to a larger story, which includes but also transcends the specific religious traditions of any one historical or cultural epoch. All sacred texts are attempts at articulating ultimate truth and archetypal values, approximations that require fresh interpretation in each new cultural epoch.

The New Realizations:

a. Sacred story is our primary channel for accessing the divine source and ultimate meaning of life.

b. Sacred texts (e.g. the Bible) which seek to safeguard the story need to be interpreted afresh in each new age if they are to preserve the ever new challenge and inspiration of the sacred story.

c. Creation itself, and not we humans, is the primary narrator of the sacred story; we humans should be the supreme listeners.

d. Both the contemplation and narration of the sacred story require symbol and ritual if we are to engage meaningfully with its deep mythic and archetypal significance.


Redemption is planetary (and cosmic) as well as personal. Redemption is about reclaiming the darkness, the nothingness (void), and chaos of our world and celebrating the negative potential for new life and wholeness.

The New Realizations:

a. Redemption is a divine-human process of befriending those elements of our experience which threaten our security and integrity, rather than an act of rescue by an external, divine agent.

b. Redemption is a process of remembering, highlighting the ultimate paradox of life that pain and extinction are prerequisites for fresh life and creativity.

c. Redemption is not just about personal salvation; it also concerns the healing and reinvigoration of planetary and universal life; there can be no personal salvation apart from the latter.


Structural and systemic sin abound in our world, often provoking people to behave immorally. To integrate the global shadow, we need fresh moral and ethical guidelines to address the structural and systemic sinfulness of our time. The formulation of these guidelines is as much a political as a religious duty.
I must also mention that the word sin means to miss the target. It seems we are doing that a lot lately.

The New Realizations:

a. Sin is a form of destructive collusion between people and systems. Consequently, systems, rather than individual people, become the instigators of immoral and irresponsible behavior.

b. The major sin of our time is specieism, the human-structural assumption that humans are the ultimate life form under God and are entitled to lord it over the rest of creation.

c. Morality is a universal, cultural requirement in the light of which the dualism between church and state becomes an anachronism.


Because we are primarily beneficiaries of light (and not of darkness) and our final destiny --- both here and eternally --- is that of enlightenment, we all need those sacred moments ritualistic/sacramental space, serving as heightened encounters with the sustaining mystery that enfolds us.

The New Realizations:

a. Life is inherently destined toward the ultimate triumph of goodness, and not the ultimate catastrophe predicted by the second law of thermodynamics.
b. Humans are innately spiritual --- so are all life forms --- and if appropriate human and spiritual maturation takes place, humans feel a need to celebrate, in ritual and sacrament, their relationship with the ultimate mystery.


The concepts of beginning and end, along with the theological notions of resurrection and reincarnation, are invoked as dominant myths to help us humans make sense of our infinite destiny in an infinite universe.

The New Realizations:

a. We live in a world without beginning or end

b. The end of the world " is a human/theological myth whereby we humans tried to set boundaries on our infinite universe.

c. There is one world enfolded in eternity; heaven, hell, and purgatory are states of being within the one world. Our dead ones are all around us, living within a different plane of existence.

d. Resurrection and reincarnation are not facts, but mental/spiritual constructs that articulate both our paradoxical fear of, and yearning for, infinity. But to shed some more light on the issue, read some books on the near death experience. There are many documentations that our consciousness doe not die.


Extinction and transformation, the evolutionary equivalents of Calvary and resurrection, are central coordinates of cosmic and planetary evolution. Their interplay at this historical moment --- our Kairos ", which is the Greek word for instant, the Now, or opportune moment --- provides the primary locus for the praxis of the quantum theologian.

The New Realizations:

a. Theology no longer belongs to Christianity, not even to formal religion; it has become an agent for global transformation.

b. We are invited to do theology at the heart of the world and not within the confines of church or formal religion.

c. The theological encounter becomes most creative (and most perilous), when we engage with the most pressing global issues of our time.

d. In its global praxis, theology seeks to demolish all dualisms, outgrow all human constructs, and pursue intimacy with the skills and discernments of a multidisciplinary imagination.

e. Contemplation becomes the landmark of theology; the pursuit of justices becomes its dominant praxis. All the rest is window dressing, useful, but not essential.


Love is an interdependent life force, a spectrum of possibility, ranging from its ultimate divine grandeur to its particularity in subatomic interaction. It is the origin and goal of our search for meaning.

The New Realizations:

a. God is not a passive, detached, external ruler, but a passionate, relational presence, embodied in the creative, evolutionary process itself.

b. God`s passionate embodiment demands a whole new way of relating to bodies, through sexual tenderness, compassionate justice, and altruistic befriending.

c. Sexuality, and its erotic creativity, for long perceived to be a major source of temptation, is emerging as a key dimension of authentic spirituality. Who are we as humans to judge who one can love and cannot love? To say who can be our soul mate and who cannot? As long as love is involved how can it be wrong? That`s what The All`s " realm is made of. Love.

d. Our world will become a new place when we choose to take LOVE seriously.
This document provides the spiritual aspect of which the original constitution that provides for our physical aspect of life. It is time for us to evolve and blend the two together. Only then shall we be able to understand who we truly are. In my quest to find the true meaning and understanding of life I found the book of Quantum Theology of which the above comes from. I recommend the United States and the world read it and become enlightened. It will be of great benefit to us all as the human race. We need to move on.

We the people of the planet Earth, in order to evolve in the direction that will serve all of humanity, choose to recognize any and all life as the divine creation of God, whom in the new understanding of life is known as The All ". Religion will no longer be recognized as the dominating authority that tells us as to how we should live our lives, although it has set forth some good guidelines as to how we should accomplish this. It has also set forth some bad ones that have led us to kill in the name of God.

The All did not create us to go out and kill each other as we have been doing for centuries. He, She, It, as there is no other way to describe our divine creator, made us to experience all of the diversities of life. We have experienced all of the many different ways to kill life, it is now time for us to evolve and discover the many different ways to live it. Our original constitution set guidelines as to what our rights should be to achieve this goal, but it did not have the understanding as to who we really are as human beings.

We have started out on our evolutionary process by labeling different species as this, that, or the other thing, when in reality they are all us in different forms. Just because they have a different color skin and speak a different language does not make them that much different from us. We all bleed the same color blood, have the same biological organs, breath the same air, drink the same water, so we are all not that much different from each other as we once believed.

We have got to change our beliefs in order to evolve and survive to reap the benefits that we all have to offer each other. We have got to see that different is good, and so is change. Many of us don`t want to accept change as we have grown comfortable with the way things are without realizing that they can be better. Our society has split into conservatives and liberals. We are a nation divided. The conservatives have grown accustomed to the seemingly good way they have life and don`t want it to change. They don`t take into consideration how bad it is for everyone else. They just know it`s good for them and don`t care about others. That is why they hate liberals. Liberals see change is good. They know it is a necessity for evolution. They aren`t out to ruin the conservatives lifestyle. They only want to make it better by making it good for everybody, not just the elite.

Our forefathers were visionaries of the times that they wrote the constitution. It has served us well. But that was for that time, and as we all know, times have changed. I am a visionary that has been awakened to the truth of who we really are, and from what I see we are not going to make it this time around. I am going to tell you what I can see. It is up to you to wake up and see it with me. It is all part of the evolutionary process. Now it is time for one that serves the times of the now. Here is a better way that will serve all of humanity.

This will also be known as a declaration of true freedom, for we have not been truly free. We have been shackled by our human constructs of religion and politics, which we invented to take the place of our true nature of spirituality. To begin with, our society is based on fear. If you are afraid you are going to lose your freedom, then you are not really free. Our leaders that we keep electing keep that fear instilled in us for they know it is a way of control. We have got to learn how to think outside of the box that we have constructed for it is old and time for us to move on. We need a freethinker for a leader. We`ve got to quit doing things the conventional way just because they have worked for us in the past. It doesn`t mean they were right, does it? We have to learn how to THINK again and quit being sheep and following everybody else because they say they are right.
This is a new era for the human population and it is time for us to truly understand that our beliefs are a lot more powerful than we choose to believe. If we didn`t believe we could go to the moon, we never would have landed there. Let us evolve and start believing in new and right things. If we don`t change our beliefs and do it right now, we are going to go extinct like all of the civilizations before us. Mother earth is alive and well, but we are doing our best to hurt her. I don`t know how much more abuse she will take, but as we`ve seen, mother nature has her way of taking care of her afflictions. Where do you think earthquakes, tsunami`s, and what we call natural disasters come from? She is protecting herself, and she will win.

Our politicians have been bought by the oil companies. And yes, you can make up all of your excuses and try to make me wrong and keep your eyes shut to the true situation, but the oil companies have too much money to lose when we start to use all of the alternative sources of energy that are out there. And our president of the time was behind them. Why else do you think we are over in Iraq spending six billion dollars a month on what he terms as a war?
To have a real war somebody has to attack you as we were in Pearl Harbor. Iraq never attacked us. It was a bunch of religious fanatics from there. Iraq never declared war on us, so it can "t be a war. So why are we there? It`s where the oil is, you know, the stuff that we are continually burning up to pollute Mother Earth with. Can`t we SEE yet that the more we burn the faster we will go extinct?

That`s another standard our politicians have set, the speed at which you die. If somebody kills you fast then it`s called murder, but if they kill you slow like the tobacco companies with their cigarettes, or the alcohol companies with their liquor, then it`s okay. People, our society is dysfunctional, and we can`t see it. Could it be because we choose to look the other way? If we don`t see it maybe it will go away? I think not. We are all in this together and it is WE that need to do something about it. It won`t just up and go away.

We have to quit believing in all of our foolish man-made rules to the game of life that politics and religion have made up, because as you can see, or that is, if you choose to see, they are not working. It is time to move on to the next level of our evolution and go beyond politics and religion. We need to step into a new world order. One that will work and serve us, WE THE PEOPLE, and not the politicians. Let us take politics and religion back and go to the next level.

The one of spirituality, for that is what we are, spirits having a human experience. Religion and our government have become self-serving over the decades and have forgotten about everybody else here on the face of Earth. They have become these humongous corporations based on making more and more money and use the fear of God and everything thing else in order to control us. Are we not people? If we are, then why are we letting this happen to us? Oh, I know, just look somewhere else and it will go away. LET`S WAKE UP "!

Before we go any farther I will tell you what happened to me that woke me up to tell you this. I had a stroke in the year 2000. An Angel came to me one night and healed me of it. This led me on to research who we are. I read about quantum physics, the universe, our reality, the nature of God, whom I declare rightfully as The All ", and discovered that our religions and our own government have been lying to us in order to control us like a bunch of sheep. We are all asleep. We know not what we created when we put into service agencies such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, Secret Service, and a plethora of others that WE THE PEOPLE do not know even exist, let alone what horrendous things they have done to control us and our lives. If we only knew we would be aghast.

As I write this Barack Obama has just been elected our new president. I only pray that we don`t kill him like we did Kennedy. And yes people, it was us that killed our own president. Our government fooled us and blamed it on someone else. It was the greatest hoax of the 20th century. And we bought it. They are good at deception. As a matter of fact, they are the best.

Americans have become complacent because their lives are good right now. We have been lulled to sleep with this goodness and will only wake up as sheep when it comes to slaughter time. Please don`t ignore me America. I am trying to shake you from your sleep and bring you to your senses before it`s too late. And please don`t label me as a radical or liberal because that is only more of the fear that has been instilled in you by our government and religions. WAKE UP!!!!!