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Published:April 8th, 2006 06:47 EST
Cancer-fighting boy inspires Tom Hanks

Cancer-fighting boy inspires Tom Hanks

By Inactive Writer

The Birrells could be just another ordinary American family but what makes them so special is the determination to live life to its fullest despite the terrible fate their middle child James would have to face eventually in his battle against cancer.

At age of 3, the young boy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare and deadly childhood cancer. Weeks before his diagnosis his own mother had just completed her final round of chemotherapy. After the deadly diagnosis, the family chose to celebrate life as much as they could with the time they would have left together. Syd, his father and also author of the book "Ya Can`t Let Cancer Ruin Your Day - The James Emails, " recorded the dreams they made come true and the struggle to make life fun in such difficult times in the inspirational book.

The book is a collect of Syd`s journals about James` five-year battle against the cancer that killed him at age of eight. As you read it, you will see how many lives were involved in James cancer fight and how many lives he touched throughout his eight years of life. What makes reading this book so riveting is the fact that it comes as a celebration of life, despite the ups and downs.

Tom Hanks shared this about the book: "And yes, some days and nights were so painful that you would not wish them on anyone. But there are other times -- magical days and God-given nights of love, beauty, laughter, and awe -- that will make you wish that you were one of the Birrell family." James declared Tom Hanks to be his favorite star. He loved Tom Hanks starring in the movie Apollo 13. The actor and director wrote the foreword for the book and is also the Honorary Patron of the James Fund to fight neuroblastoma.

"Ya Can`t Let Cancer Ruin Your Day - The James Emails, " is available at all major bookstores, and part of the proceeds are donated to the James Fund. If you are looking for a book that will inspire you to find joy in your daily life, you should read this book and learn about the struggles of the Birrells family.

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