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Published:May 16th, 2006 09:48 EST
Da Vinci Code: To View or Not to View

Da Vinci Code: To View or Not to View

By Nikki Savastone

Time has virtually run out to solve the controversy of the Da Vinci Code " movie with its release date of May 19 looming unsettlingly close for many religious Americans.

The movie version of Dan Brown`s publishing phenomena by the same name attempts to decipher the possibility of a marriage between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene producing a daughter who carried on the bloodline.  It also brings new views on the mystery of the Holy Grail and an attempt by the Catholic Church to cover-up the true story of Jesus.

The thriller, starring Tom Hanks, is set to be one the year`s most anticipated films.  However, many Christian groups have called for a boycott of the movie because of its questioning of fact and fiction where the Bible and Jesus are concerned.  Protests and hunger strikes are also planned in South Korea, Thailand, and the United States.

In India, the government has passed a resolution to ban the movie nationwide.  It is scheduled to be viewed by the Catholic Churches` Association of India (CCAI) who must now approve the film before it is seen by any citizen.

Cardinal Paul Poupard, the Vatican`s authority on cultural issues has stated that he does not object to people seeing the film, but is concerned that many will believe the information presented. "What I`m concerned about is that decent people who do not have the proper religious education will take this nonsense for the real thing," said Poupard on French radio Europe 1.

The Da Vinci Code " book has sold over 50 million copies since 2003 and been a worldwide bestseller, so regardless of bans and boycotts the movie version is sure to attract a considerable audience.

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