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Published:July 29th, 2006 05:01 EST
Counting last of my breaths

Counting last of my breaths

By Subash Lamichhane

Counting Last of My Breaths

Counting last of my breaths
I was lying on the green maize field
Visions weren`t clear enough
Just I could hear
Was the victorious cries
I knew my life was ending
A pool of blood from my legs and shoulder
Decorated the rusty and dirty field
Vultures and eagle trying to
Hover around the dead friends of mine
Everything I knew was
I was counting last of my breaths
My heart was beating faster
The blood was rushing in my veins
The hot wind was slapping me
Sweat and tears were rolling down my face
Images started to flash before me
Tears in my eyes I said goodbye
To everyone who appeared
Sadness in their face made me guilty
Theirs only hope, I was about to disappear
Flags were flying with the rhythm of wind
Burned black papers were flying around
The burning hay shining very bright
An illusion came to my mind
My dead body on the burning pyre
Biff bangs of heavy boots
Loud screams everywhere
No more my eyes were open now
Still my ears could hear
Suddenly somebody dragged me
My sense could feel it
And all I knew was
I was living last of my life
Counting my last breaths...