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Published:December 29th, 2006 12:59 EST
In Search Of A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

In Search Of A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

By Sean Stubblefield

Having completed my Paradox Trilogy-- as the year ends-- with the book titled Whatever, the time now seems right to redirect my creative energy and attention elsewhere. I`ve decided to quit writing indefinitely. Call it a new year`s resolution. These three books are available at my recently updated website to read for free, and I`m very pleased and thrilled with how they turned out.

I will continue editing for The SOP for a while, but I just don`t feel like writing anymore. I love writing and I thoroughly enjoyed working on my various books (as well as The Student Operated Press), but I`ve been doing it consistently for over ten years, and I`m tired. Not bored with writing, just exhausted. I need a break, for at least a year, to do something else. I might make an exception at some point, for a special occasion.

But now I`d like to try new things, with other creative projects.

What I really want to do is direct. However, since that`s not feasible " considering I have only motive and no means or opportunity, nevermind experience-- I`m going to immerse myself in the next best thing and attempt photography. Although I lack any kind of actual training, I like taking pictures and have a good eye for aesthetics (if I do say so myself).

Plus, I feel particularly inspired about photography as a way to go.

Indeed, so inspired, I purchased an awesome digital camera-- with money that could have been used for my traveling expenses " that`s how serious I am.

Now, we`ll see what happens. I`ll figure it out along the way, learning hands on; and I`m really excited about the possibilities and potential in this new venture of adventure. Should be fun.