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Published:February 24th, 2007 11:07 EST
The Scorpion's Nature

The Scorpion's Nature

By Suren Hossein

Once upon a time, a scorpion approached a big frog that was resting by a pond. The scorpion got in close and said, "I have a request buddy.  Can you fulfill it? "

The frog replied, If it is possible, I shall do it with great pleasure. "
The scorpion said, Only you can do it. " What shall I do? " the frog asked.

The scorpion said, My nest is on the other side of the pond. As you know, I am unable to swim. Can you please carry me piggyback to the other side of the pond. "

The frog replied, I am afraid of your sting. I suppose I will carry you piggyback, and maybe then you will not have the desire to sting me. "

I am wondering how can I sting you despite your affection? No no you ought to give up this delusive thought, " the scorpion said.

The frog smiled, Ok, jump on my back. "

The scorpion jumped on the frogs back and the frog began to swim across the pond. After moments, the scorpion stung him. The frog told him angrily, "You did not remain loyal. "

The scorpion stung him again. The frog went underwater and popped out his head and said, How are you buddy? "

I am drowning, " the scorpion replied breathless. The frog said, no matter what, I have to go underwater, it is a habit. Giving up a habit causes grave indispositions. "

The scorpion replied, "My sting is not as a result of you being my enemy. It is my nature to do so. "

The scorpion stung the frog for the third time and both of them drowned and died.