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Published:April 16th, 2007 11:10 EST


By Subash Lamichhane

Gerald Alann`s interpretation of Subash`s original poem

I thank God that from your eyes

Tears do not flow like rain

That in your face I see His grace

Instead of signs of pain


You are my warmth and deepest love

An angel sent from far above

My arms surround and hold you tight

You must not know tonight`s the night


Salty tears no life sustains

Your stomach cramps with hunger pains

When in the future strength you gain

You`ll know your birth was not in vain


Wrinkles in your innocent face

Call me to another place

I`m tired of life so filled with fears

Of drowning in a sea of tears


Everything is lost and gone

Your father and your food

Long and harsh each day has grown

Believing I`m no longer good


So tired and helpless is your mother`s life

No husband to love or to be a good wife

My tears on your red cheeks shimmer and shine

Brightly reflecting these last moments of mine


I intend to travel far far away now

Unwilling to bear the painful sorrow

That earth when wet with tears won`t grow

Any seeds that I could sow


Broken I have come to rest

Under the barren and broken tree

I`m willing now to be set free

From a life that`s bound in misery


I leave you now on the bank of the river

Your destiny tonight is to cry as I shiver

With kisses and hugs, I say my goodbyes

No longer able to look into your eyes


Out in the shallows away from the lee

The waves are widening their arms for me

Only seconds away from these miserable pains

Cold water will freeze the blood in my veins


I breathe my last breath in deeply with fright

Blind to the tragedy found here tonight

Everything changed when I saw the light

That you, dear one, should stay here and fight