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Published:April 19th, 2007 13:15 EST
My Friend, the Begger

My Friend, the Begger

By Manish Lamichhane


My roof does not shield from rain or sun
My bear window has no cover
The doors are broken to pieces
Earth is my only home; soil my bed.
I stand on road, raising hands with hope
I would earn some amount by begging
People sometimes strike my flesh; they spit on me.
But still I beg; beg for living, surviving.
I also had a family, I had my love
I was also member of civil society
My son studying well in university
You may be thinking, How can this be? "
I lost my leg due to leprosy, lost my life
No one was there "I was thrown from my house
I died, my soul; water started rolling from my eyes
The city sleeps on the pashmina shawl, with the double blanket
But I am still alive with grass on my bed and sacks on my chest
Coldness cannot touch me because I have leprosy one cannot touch  
I am not more than half century, but I have to stay here
Those who I once fed by grinding my bones have gone where?
Where are those hopes that I have gathered; I saved
I feel like my whole body is going to be solid "I am going to be dead.

Begging beggar begs you, he begs for himself Let him fulfill his hunger; let him fight against society

Begging beggar begs you, he begs to live
Let him stand up; let him have strength for living