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Published:April 28th, 2007 11:52 EST
My Heart's Work

My Heart's Work

By Jennifer Smith


My heart`s work is to lay a foundation, Full of love and admiration.

You`re the reason for who I`ve become.

You`re every song my heart has sung.

This love leaves its mark with great powers.

Like black rain on white flowers.

It`s my heart`s work to build for you,

A love that`s safe and true.

For everything you`ve invested in me,

I`m devoted to you eternally.

True to you as the days go by.

Forever yours `til the day I die.

This could be perceived as a mere contemplation.

But my heart`s work is to set this foundation.

Etch my love in a slab of marble.

It`s so dynamic that all will marvel.

I am here with you to share my life.

A love like this could never happen twice.

My heart`s work is to be with you.

Love you unconditionally my whole life through.