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Published:May 18th, 2007 03:23 EST
Remarkable For The Wind

Remarkable For The Wind

By Sean Stubblefield

On May 4th, 2007, Jessica Mae Stover made the totally awesomex2 surprise announcement that she has begun the pre-production process for an independent sci-fi/ fantasy short film she wrote.
If I may be so bold, Jessica is an "up and coming" filmmaker whose visionary approach to story telling is what you might call the future of film making-- if we're lucky; she is quite possibly the next big thing (in the good way). And you could be a part of making this happen. I am presenting you with an opportunity to, in a sense, "be there" when it all began, to be at the start of something wonderful. You can even tell your grandkids about it, if you want. Not many people know about her (yet), so I'm really letting you in on a kind of secret.

Revealed only as AAE for now, this movie of hers is intended to screen at film festivals (when completed, obviously), with the probability of being available on DVD afterward.

But making movies cost major coinage. And so she is asking nicely for public support of the film through small financial donations. For which you will get her eternal gratitude. Plus, the pride and satisfaction of not only assisting an excellent artist on the rise, but also helping bring to the public a good film/story--- which would definitely not go amiss.

And... wait for it... your name in the credits as a supporter!
Because Jess is cool that way. 

Everyone wins! There's no down side, here.

Granted, we don't even know what the film is about. But adventure requires a certain amount of risk and the unknown.

What we do Know-- "WE" being those familiar with her and her work-- is that Jessica is a talented writer and storyteller of integrity, and therefore the flik is sure to be brilliant. Or, as she would say: Awesome!

The details on the film thus far are vague, so as to avoid spoilers and to prolong the pleasure of the mystery. As such, she understands that donations at this point would be based on a leap of faith, benefit of the doubt, from the kindness of your heart generosity.

If you please do choose to provide funding support for the AAE project, thank you much appreciated and every little bit helps... but the more merrier. You may contribute through a button located at her site:

Simply scroll down at her site until you see the button clearly labeled "Make a Donation", and clicky on to Paypal.
As she says on her site, "If you love art and film and pictures and stories then this is a chance to participate directly."


Her donation goal is $2000; and as of today, she needs only about $1500 more. So if you happen to have $25 dollars lying around, please do us a solid and donate to a good cause. By which I mean Stover's film. And if you would be so kind, your word of mouth publicity wouldn't hurt, neither. I'm just sayin'.