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Published:September 16th, 2007 12:35 EST
Her True Love

Her True Love

By Jennifer Smith

Stay true to life and learn your lessons.

This life we're given should be perceived as a blessing.

You're only given one chance to do it right.

Love, and all its glory, is worth the fight.


Trust your heart and not your mind.

You heart will lead you to what your mind is looking to find.

Spread your wings and fly like a dove.

Soar as high as the heavens on the wings of her love.


It may be hard to show emotion,

But she's looking for security in your devotion.

Be sure she knows exactly how you feel.

Let her know that this is all real.


She's going through life learning her lessons.

She looks at you as a blessing.

You are the basis of all she knows.

She looks to you each time she feels her love for you grow.


To her, everything seems to change with the tide.

She's trying to be sure your love isn't going to be pushed aside.

You've taught her more than any school lesson.

You are her angel sent with miracles and blessings.


Its hard for her to tell you sometimes,

What lies beneath her rhyming lines.

She tries to show you what's in her heart.

Wanting you to put the pieces together so you'll never be apart.


She's already realized love is like a puzzle.

She's taking it all in stride without any struggle.

She can't always read you like a book.

Your emotions show sometimes in your glaring looks.


But she seeks the words to come out of your mouth.

For the words of your heart to finally come out.

Do you see her eyes as she looks at you?

Everything she has for you will show through.


Look as the time goes by,

She'll faithfully remain by your side.

No matter how long it takes in love's journey,

Or how the winds of change pass us so swiftly...


It's the path we lead and not follow,

That will bring us to our final destination with out sorrow.

Together you'll be able to stand stronger than alone.

And in her heart you'll find a place called home.