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Published:October 24th, 2007 04:56 EST
Wrap That

Wrap That


~Wrap That~

There you go
And you think you`re dreaming!
Erotic party
Yes the sex is steaming!
And you wander forth
Like a bull in a ring
You better

She rolls from him
Then she rolls to you
No need to think
Nature knows that too
Before you even know it
All your pressure is spent
Had to cum
Then it went!

You paid good money
At the door
When your energy returns
Going to hit some more
She`s looking pretty cute
In her body suit
But she`s also trashy
Can`t out last me!

6 months later
And your coming back
It`s just an empty building
There`s no way to track
Where they`re going to kick it
Because there is the law
Too hot, and too raw!

12 months later
And though you`re still dreaming
About the ecstacy
And all the double teaming
A buffet of delights
But then your skin starts peeling
What`s that?
That`s wacked!

13 months later and you have a rash
You pay to get it gone
But it won`t take cash
You`re feeling really weak
And then there`s the cough
So sick
And so lost!

14 months later
And the lesions begin
They pepper your whole body
So you hide from your friends
Word is going `round
That you`re dying from AIDS
And you`re so afraid
So damn afraid!!!

Momma said you play with fire
And you might get burned
Now you`re preaching to the children
`Bout the things you learned
Temptation ate you whole
Every day you are fading
You lost!
And here`s the cost!!!

On your tomb stone it reads:

"Here`s a man who really loved life!
Would try anything
And ignore any price!
But nature led his thinking
And common sense left the ring!
He didn`t

By Chase von
The Last Panther
All rights reserved