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Published:October 30th, 2007 02:23 EST
Chase Von Interviews Clint M. Byars, Author of Devil Walk

Chase Von Interviews Clint M. Byars, Author of Devil Walk

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Interview on behalf of the Student Operated Press with...

Clint M. Byars, Author of Devil Walk

By Chase von

Chase von: Hello, Clint! And thanks for finding the time to do this. I have my own reasons as to why I am so moved by your story. But what I would like to know first, is what were your younger years like? Where did you grow up and was religion something you took seriously?

Clint M. Byars: Thanks for hooking this up, I’m always blessed when people are interested in my story...  I grew up just south of Atlanta, GA.  I had a relatively normal childhood, some of my family members were into not so normal businesses but, for the most part, life was like most others.  I was not raised in church, I probably went to church a dozen times before I was 21.  My parents believed in God, but religion was never discussed or pursued.  I got into drinking around 12 and started doing harder drugs around 14.

Chase von: Having read your book, I personally think it validates some of my own experiences. But there are those who think that people who
share stories such as yours, aren't right in the head. (Just being blunt, which is my nature at times.) I also happen to think, if you believe in the bible, then the story of Jesus taking demons out of a man that identified themselves as legion and running them off a cliff should be taken literally. Demons are spirits, and spirits cannot die. Where do you think they are now? And is it possible that women cutting the children out of other women is part of their doing, along with all the other insane things we see daily in the news?

Clint M. Byars:  I hear myself tell my story sometimes and think how bizarre it is.  If people don’t believe it or think it was just a bad trip, then I don’t blame them.  I usually only hear from people who have had similar experiences, but who never realized the truth of their situation until they read my book.  

Demons are all over the place, they’re in the bars, streets, schools, governments, churches. They basically seek out places and people who will listen to their lies.  I think we’d be astounded if we could see how much influence they have.  The problem with demonic influence is that people don’t usually know the truth of who Jesus is in them.  The only power a demon has is suggestion.  They hang out and lie to us, it’s up to us to believe it or not.  In the tragic case of a woman doing what you described, all a demon has to do is stand there and say things that make that mother believe she’s unfit to raise that child and due to the fear she’s already feeling, she’ll then believe that demonic lie and take action based on a lie motivated by fear.  I want to reiterate that they have no power other than what we give them.

Chase von: You have a part in your book that really hit me. Where you say you were looking back in time, and you saw Jesus on the cross. And although he was beaten and broken, you looked at his eyes, and realized he was looking directly at you. And that it dawned upon you that way back then, he already knew that what he was doing was for you specifically. Can you expound a bit on that for our readers?

Clint M. Byars:  God says that he knows us before we’re in our mothers womb.  None of us are mistakes.  I’m not saying that he chose to birth you in the situation you were born into, but there’s something going on there where the essence of you was in his mind.  It’s like parents who are planning to have kids.  They may not know what the child will look or sound like but that really doesn’t matter, they already have love for that unborn child and are anticipating loving it for the rest of its life. I’m a father and I can remember daydreaming about how great it was going to be to take my son fishing or to a ball game.  It was like that with God, He couldn’t wait until we got here so He could love us for the rest of our lives.

Chase von: Prior to writing this book, did you ever consider yourself a writer?

Clint M. Byars:  Not really.  I had written some poetry and I was always good in those kind of classes in school, but never really imagined being a writer.  I knew I needed to get my story out so I kind of did it out of necessity.  I have since fallen in love with writing.  I’ve written a screenplay and I’m currently working on two more.  I am also working on my next book about what happened to Jesus during those 3 days He was in the grave and what it looked like in Heaven when He came out victorious on our behalf.

Chase von: One of the things that really startles someone reading your book initially, is that you are highly intelligent and that when you write, it is exposing that intelligence. For me, it makes me happy that someone is not only writing about a subject that I feel truly needs to be addressed, but also in a manner that approaches what you are speaking of in a way that even the well educated can't dismiss. How much schooling do you, yourself, have and do you think that in order for this all to be taken seriously, it takes someone who, such as yourself, is very articulate and well spoken to break down the barriers?

Clint M. Byars:  Well thanks for that compliment.  I have to give credit to God.  I wrote this book in about five or six sessions of about two to three hours each.  It just flowed out of me.  I remember reading back and thinking, man, did I just write that?  With that said, I have an associates degree in science and a Bachelors degree in Theology.  I constantly read and love learning.  I suppose it helps in some cases to sound intelligent about this topic.  I have actually had a few Psychologists and other professionals contact me for advice which they used in their practices with clients they couldn’t previously help.

Chase von: I understand they are going to be making a movie based off of your story. When is that going to take place and will you be on the set as well, to make sure it holds to the truth of your story?

Clint M. Byars:  That is such a slow process, I wish I had an answer for when.  I do, however, plan to be on set as much as I can.  The producer has a great vision for the purpose of the film so I believe it will hold true.  We’ll see.

Chase von: This is a tough one, but I have to ask. Is Jesus the only way to heaven from your perspective? More wars have been fought throughout history in the name of religion than any other thing. So many are born in countries where Islam is what they first sink their teeth into, or Buddhism, or you name it. How is it that what someone is born into is not right for their soul's salvation? And since I am asking tough ones, are we meaning humanity, in your view, in what is often referred to as, the last days?

Clint M. Byars:  I believe the perfect sacrifice of Christ is the only way to eternal life.  Many people have been killed in the name of religion and the misunderstanding of a man’s teachings, but when it comes down to the sacrifice of a sinless man and the free gift of righteousness as a result of that sacrifice, there’s no other way for our spirit, soul and body to be made acceptable for the direct, eternal presence of God.  The problem is in religion, if we could spread the message of the Christ instead of the message of a religion, no one would turn Jesus down.

As far as last days, it certainly seems like there are lots of signs pointing in that direction.

Chase von: How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?

Clint M. Byars:  Family is the most important.  I think the world is in the state it’s in, aside from original sin, due to the lack of love and identity we should receive from our family during childhood.  We have a world full of insecure, fearful people who don’t feel loved...that’s a breeding ground for what you see on the news every night.  Love is what family should be about.  We’re all family so Jesus was right, love your neighbor as you want to be loved.  In addition to that, Jesus said the world would believe in Him when they see believers loving each other instead of fighting over doctrine.

Chase von: Your book is a very intense read, exceptionally well written, and yes, quite scary for some who understand what you are really addressing. Why is Satan a Paper Lion, as you call him, and how can people who do believe in these things, not fall up under his power, in this conflicted and complicated world we live in today?

Clint M. Byars:  Satan is a paper lion because he has no substance.  He’s a weak, torn, battered entity that floats around the winds trying to find a place to land.  Jesus totally stripped him of authority and power when He came out of the grave.  Jesus kicked Satan out of Heaven when He went home which means that God the Father no longer hears his accusations against you.  God’s not using Satan against you and Jesus stripped him of all that he had.  So what’s left, he runs around trying to find someone ignorant enough to believe his lies.  The problem is, most of us are ignorant about who we are in Christ and the fact that we were raised with Christ, seated in Heaven above principalities and powers...that’s just Biblical terms for demons and fallen angels.  The way to not fall under the influence of their lies is to know the truth.  The truth just so happens to set you free.

Chase von: What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and, regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Clint M. Byars:  Don’t lose your innocence because of your elders offences.  I would also tell them that God is a good God and what you see around you is not His original plan but they could help bring back His intention through love and forgiveness.

Chase von: How can our readers find you? Can you list your web sites and other means by which they can find you and learn more about you?

Clint M. Byars:  The best way to reach me is through  I also own a clothing company that can be seen at

Chase von: On behalf of The Student Operated Press and myself, Clint, I truly thank you for taking the time out to do this. Your story is something I personally believe should be read by believers and unbelievers alike.

Clint M. Byars: Thank you for helping me get my story out, be blessed.