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Published:May 13th, 2008 14:55 EST
Getting Noticed ---Until, until...Hey look here!  Discovery--- in a Noisy World

Getting Noticed ---Until, until...Hey look here! Discovery--- in a Noisy World

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Ken McArthur is getting noticed...One small step for man one Giant step for Kenneth A. McArthur

Well, tomorrow is now today.  At 1:00 PM, history will be made when Kenneth A McArthur launches his exciting book on how to break through the clutter that creates distraction and keeps businesses and business people from being heard.  I've read a lot of books and felt the first chapter of Ken's book was strong enough to keep my interest, but not only that-- he's given me something I can use.  It's not often authors of good books give me something to walk away with that I can apply.  But Ken does.  Now you may not be a reader's reader, but you still need to learn how to manage the skill set necessary for Getting Noticed in a Noisy World.
Why are we concerned about getting noticed?...

Because nothing happens until someone recognizes our true ability.  All of your rewards for the future are just that ---locked & trapped in the future--- in a place where some day I'll--.  I'll do this, I'll do that.  So it seems the talents within us remain hidden until... until we show others our true hidden innerselves and it's after that we notice someone saying,"hey look here!  This woman or that man really has a special gift to help companies grow, help sales people sell better, cause customers to buy more or inspires employees to give better service."  Now there are many reasons why getting noticed is an important part of your success and mine.   Another Author named David Shenk said the following in his book:

It's all "Data Smog: Surviving the Information Glut," in 1971 we were exposed to an average of 560 advertising messages per day. By 1997 that number had grown to over 3,000.

Ken's book takes us beyond the Data Smog...

So how do we cut through the Data Smog, the over-messaged mind of our consumer, the boss and the company that it seems to be overlooking our greatest gift... well, I'm not a 100% sure, but I'm going to find out today when I get the book.  On top of that, Ken is handing out thousands of dollars worth of bonuses and even zero cost tickets to live events to people who order his book. But even if you DON'T want Ken's book, you can still make out like a bandit and invest NOTHING.  Ken is handing out some amazing tips and resources, with audios and videos from some impact building experts which you can download INSTANTLY right now, if you click here Getting Noticed in a Noisy World .   So let me encourage you to uncover your potential and go to the next level today. 
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Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE

(c) 2007 by Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion Executive

Deremiah *CPE, the Customer Passion Executive is the author of "52 GREAT WEEKS" and one of the most popular "Top 25" Marketing Expert's out of 10,000 on the world's leading online marketing platform This Nightingale Conant Award-Winning Speaking Star, Artist & Inventor shows your CEO, Consultants, Sales and all your employees how easy it is to master the Servant's Mentality. Creating a customized system to build your companies morale, increase your organizational footprint and launch your long awaited customer relationship campaign can all be done faster using Deremiah *CPE's unorthodox techniques. Simultaneously he can show you his secret to growing your business just by helping At-Risk Children in the communities where you live and work. Reach Deremiah *CPE now