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Published:September 14th, 2008 15:17 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Carol Rose, Author of "pee-a boo into a tinheart"

Judyth Piazza interviews Carol Rose, Author of "pee-a boo into a tinheart"

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

I don`t consider myself a sufferer at all. Everyone has different things in life they go through different hurdles and I thank God each day for being so blessed.


If I died tonight, I would die feeling I am loved and I have had the most happiness anyone could ever hope for. So thankful in every way. Humble with tears to have treasures I waste each day by being a hermit. I stay home almost always in my room.


I am proud of my children and the parents they have become and my 13 grandkids are awesome!


I am thankful they all allow me to love them even though putting up with my rollercoaster ride of drama. ...personality buffet must be so difficult for them at times.


I am ever changing and searching for peace spiritually. Although I never claim to be perfect... .........other sides do pop up ;)


I started writing at 50 when discovering the Myspace poetry friends. I used to go onto the bipolar groups and try to help people... but it was too sad so I started writing my feelings out. It helped me live 2 more years. So, I thought maybe my writing could help keep someone else to feel alive knowing they are not alone...I always felt so alone because bipolar has only come out of the closet really the past 10 years as an accepted reality.


That is why I published my book. I have survived multiple suicide attempts and I thank God now...because wow life has some great ups! And I would have missed them ;)


So, if I can help anyone stay alive I will keep writing and encourage people to write anything they are passionate about. Even if it`s only one word or a sentence. Just a thought to get off your mind. Kill the thought not yourself for thinking it.


Love yourself and as many people as you is all that matters! It what we take with us and dwell in when the flesh is finished. "Love and time are the only things in all of life that can be spent and not bought."


My own advice I follow, "when you find fun go with the flow." live, love and dream......all my dreams have come true because I focus on them until they do. Miracles happen everyday too. I take one day at a time.


I can say I`m crazy, misunderstood at times...but always loving people, family, friends and strangers with all my heart. I hope my book conveys most of my sides...what ever this one doesn`t express my next one will...I feel it`s only fair to show all sides of bipolar not just the up parts.


The book is rated PG just in case some things that are risky are taken into consideration for younger readers.


"Pee-a boo into a tinheart" is a collection of poetry written by carol rose, a biopolar woman who has survived her affliction and attributes writing as one of the main reasons she has been able to do so. As well as the excellent care of her doctors and the loving and unfailing support of her husband.


Carol, who is very sensitive to the color blue, as it disturbs her, and who really has to want to make a point, in order for her to use capital letters, is a very brave soul who is at the same time, very reclusive, prone to extreme emotional swings, and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet in your life.


Extremely talented as a poet and artist and photographer, she however, writes how she is most comfortable. meaning she spells words the way they sound to her and she articulates her thoughts without care as to how gramatically correct they are. to correct them would be to her, something very hurtful that truly upsets her, and as her publisher and editor, i`ve had to dip into my reserves of patience time and time again as she is a very fragile spirit, tender and loving and caring and all things sweet.


Working with her has made me a better man, a better person, and a better human being. in a world filled seemingly more every day, with hate and violence and the unspeakable, we could all learn valuable lessons from someone who truly does wear her heart on her sleeve.


I would not hesitate to work with carol again, and have already insured in some way shape or form i will be working with her and i am forever grateful for her allowing me to take a peek, into her tinheart, which isn`t really tin at all, but would best be described, as a heart of pure gold. respectfully, chase von editor and publisher of this brave and immensely touching creation by author, artist and photographer and bipolar woman.