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Published:January 15th, 2009 18:53 EST
By Author Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh!!!

Chase Von, Interviews Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh!!!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase Von:  Hey Dr. Joye!  I know I was supposed to interview you way back in September but we`ve both been really busy! When I got the message of you being on yet another show I figured better late than never.  (Smile).   

The Knowledge Of Good and Evil 666

So thank you for finding the time in your crazy schedule to share yourself with our readers!  
Dr. Joye:  I really appreciate the opportunity to share my research with your readers. If someone has questions about what we are going to discuss, they can email me from my address listed at my web site:

Chase Von:  We`ve been in contact for a spell and you know I am quite interested in your subject matter for my own reasons. But before we get into that, can you tell our readers about your childhood?    

What were your younger years like and was there anything in particular during your childhood that you believe led you to pursue what you now do today? 

Dr. Joye:  I was born and raised on a South Georgia farm. I went to church the week I was born with my Grandparents (Father`s side). My Grandmother taught Sunday School. I still attend that little Southern Baptist church today where I play the organ, piano, conga drums with the Praise and Worship Band and sing in the choir. I became a member at the church and was baptized in a pond when I was 11 years old. My Grandparents` forefathers established the church in the late 1800`s as an Arbor.   

I also attended on special occasions with my Grandmother (Mother`s side) at her church which she and my Grandfather (deceased before my birth) were active in. My Grandmother was the pianist and a Sunday School teacher and my Grandfather had been a deacon. His forefathers helped establish that Primitive Baptist church.  

A strange dream at age 6 about the End of Time in which I saw Jesus and the destruction of the world made me begin searching for an understanding of what I had been shown. I always felt that I would live to see that dream become a reality. I have been doing independent research for a very long time to answer my personal questions about the dream. I never thought I would become an author and share all my research with the world----although I enjoyed writing at a very early age----I, now, know this was God`s plan for my life and why He showed me the dream.  

Chase Von:  Georgia you say? (Smile). Have you ever visited the Georgia Guide Stones and what is your take on it being there regardless if you have or not?    

Dr. Joye:  I live in South Georgia and the notorious Guide Stones are located in North Georgia. I have never been to visit them but have done research on them by looking at photos and the commentary of others. There is no doubt in my mind they are a product of a Secret Order and are being used to indoctrinate masses of People. This is how the Masters of Megalithic Construction Projects make their hidden knowledge available --through their libraries in stone-----no different than the Great Cathedrals, which by the way were not built to worship Jesus in.   

Chase Von:  I`ve interviewed Clint M. Byars also, the author of Devil Walk,  and prior to him having his experience he wasn`t what any one would call a model Christian or for that matter someone that even really believed in God.  I know there are a lot of people that think the bible is a made up story or akin to a fairy tale.    

But others to include myself have had some experience`s that simply can`t be explained.  Granted I suffer from PTSD but some of the things that I`ve lived I don`t think are because of a distressed mind.  I believe in Angels and I believe in Demons and I would like your opinion on where both are now so readers can see I am not alone in beliefs.      
Dr. Joye:  The spiritual world exists. It is very real and if you believe the Bible you have to believe that another dimension/dimensions are around us-----Just like Dark matter---it exist but we don`t have the eyes to see it yet......Or like bacteria and viruses existed but we did not understand until we developed microscopes that could see them. There are many anomalies and it proves there are other elements at work. I have never found an instance where the Bible proclaimed one thing and science found something else----in all cases, Science eventually verified what the Bible had already proclaimed. Also, remember the first act that Jesus performed was to rid a person of  DEMONS. Jesus spoke to the Demons and the Demons spoke back----so they are very real and have brought much suffering to humanity for a very long time. If you do not believe in Demons and Angels, then you cannot believe the Bible. The Bible clearly explains there is a spiritual world and a host of Heaven.  
Chase Von:  I was listening to your show with D`Anne Burley and for those that want to listen to it here`s the link:     

But your theory on what happened in the beginning is very interesting!  Can you share with our readers what you think originally took place in the garden of Eden? And also what the differences are you see between a serpent and just a regular snake?

Dr. Joye: Well, like most people who attended Sunday School every Sunday---I thought Eve ate an Apple a snake gave her from a Tree God said to not eat from. Then, she went home and gave Adam an apple from the tree....God got mad and put them out of the Garden---End of Paradise. After that, Humans became really bad with only a few good humans which lead to the Flood. Boy, I was really looking at this with rose colored glasses-----Now, my glasses are off and I am going to tell you what I found right there in the Bible that seems to have been overlooked. 

First, do you know if anyone has ever seen or met a normal snake that could talk???? Of course not!!! The term in Genesis is a SERPENT not a snake. The Serpent was a particular beast who seems to have a lot of hidden talents------He was smarter than Eve, very deceitful, able to talk with Eve and , also to God. They even talked back to him, and God really punished that beast for promoting Knowledge??? So, I do not think eating  a lot of Apples had anything to do with making man wiser???? Besides, what would make God so mad about eating an Apple that He would ban Adam and Eve from Paradise and curse them and the Serpent?  

I decided to look a little deeper into this. Does it seem plausible that God the Creator, a fair and just God would send his creations in his image out into the wild because they ate of a piece of fruit? Mosaic Law was: An eye for an eye. Therefore, the fruit Eve and Adam partook of was something much worse than merely eating an apple, pear or pomegranate from a simple tree. This TREE of GOOD AND EVIL was a lot more than what meets the eye----its fruit was deadly.  

God had married Adam and Eve after he created them. They were innocent until this SERPENT showed up. Then, after Eve took his fruit and gave to Adam,  comes this curse upon her to deliver children in PAINFULchild birth. This seems a little too stiff a penalty for merely eating a piece of fruit.    

Because of the severity of God`s curse, I believe there was a sexual act between Eve and the Serpent that produced Cain----Eve claimed she had gotten him from the Lord--Cain means acquired. This was against God`s plan----AS God had married her and Adam. Eve had committed adultery and that is why the constant theme of whoredom is denounced throughout the Bible. God punished Adam because as Eve`s husband he had sat there and let it happen. Adam was with her when she took from Satan and then he partook. That is why Eve was to answer to her husband all the days of her life and why Adam was forced to work the ground to provide for his family.  

The SERPENT was non-other than Satan---the once second angel in charge called Lucifer who fell from Heaven. He had been created by God but wanted the human`s in God`s image to follow him instead of the Creator. He wanted the created to worship the created---not the Creator. Satan also knew he could defile God`s creation/lineage by adding his fruit/seed to the mix. Cain was Satan`s son. This is why Cain felt bigger and stronger than Abel. He did not like answering to God, either---just like his father Satan.....So he got rid of his competition by killing Abel who was his half/twin brother.   

Cain was born of Eve and Satan first along with Eve and Adam`s son Abel. Eve was impregnated by Satan and Adam on the same day and carried both their children----an abomination against God and everything he stood for. The Serpent lineage and the Seth lineage (Adam and Eve`s 2nd son after Abel was killed by Cain) have run parallel through history with their final battle to son be fought. The End of Time is like the Beginning because I believe "In the Beginning the end was in the Apple."   Apple means Malice or Evil and the seed of the Tree of Good and Evil was mixed within Eve. If Eve had not partaken, Adam and Eve would still be alive and no serpent lineage would exist-----Instead, Evil mixing of the flesh by not following the will of God is what killed their flesh. This mixing of Evil with flesh is what will bring about the End of Time....In The beginning, God wrote the end of His story against the Devil very clearly. We are the generation who will witness what God has planned against his adversary, the ANTICHRIST/SATAN. Right now, Satan is walking among mankind as the cloned image of God`s only son Jesus thereby defiling Jesus` body which Jesus said was his temple. So the ultimate abomination of desolation will occur when the clone declares to the world he is Jesus in the flesh and claims his so-called rights to the newly built Temple in Jerusalem as Messiah. 
Chase Von:  When I was a teenager, me and a very good friend were coming home from the town plaza.  We were walking by a neighborhood park and we saw this huge thing flying in the sky. If you could imagine maybe a swan in size, only it looked black and the best way I can think to describe it, was if you picture a swan all black, flying backwards! In other words, huge wings, small head and a long tail! 

This was in New Jersey so of course our first thoughts were based on the lore of the state.  IT had to be The Jersey Devil! But the reason I bring that up is I think that there are more than a few people that believe some of the creatures portrayed in Hollywood films as being made up or creations of a active imaginative minds, might just have a beginning coming from actual reality!   

They`ve found skeletons of giants, there are aliens depicted in movies that others who claim to have been abducted have said look like the real thing.  There is genetic cloning now and one of the first one`s the world at large was told about was a cloned sheep, but do you think some of these creatures we think of as mythology or a wild imagination might have existed or might even exist now?  I`ve also seen things where they have cloned or mixed animals and the these creatures live.  Remember Napoleon Dynamite?  There really is such a thing as a Liger and they`re huge!  (Smile).     

Dr. Joye: The ability to clone is a very simple procedure. There is no doubt in my mind extinct creatures have already been cloned. Movies like: The Island of Dr. Moreau and Jurassic Park are clear indoctrination movies for the general public just as "The War of the Worlds" radio broadcast was to gage the temperature of mankind back in the mid-1900`s.....If humans react in panic--back off, if they seem inquisitive then feed them more so when the time comes for the true revealing, the masses will react just as you have brainwashed them to react.   

I do believe there could still be some very old species on earth which we have not identified---especially under the sea and in caves/labyrinths of the underworld.  

Chase Von:  We had a discussion when we first met about the third eye which we all have.  Can you elaborate on that a bit more and also about how the eye on the dollar bill and why there are so many things that are really symbols of the demonic, that the unaware just accept as being normal or common place?    

And do you think that with all the reports of "Alien Abductions" that generally have something to do with samples being taken or the harvesting from sex organs might just be those who others think are Aliens, but which I personally think are demons, might just be harvesting more frequently to increase their numbers for the final battle?  

Dr. Joye: The Third Eye Cult/Cyclops Eye/Eye of Horus are all representative of the Serpent SATAN. He is called the Great Architect of the Universe by Secret Societies. Through these cults Satan has remained hidden to the general public. Our nation was founded by many members of Secret Societies--most notably the Order of Freemasonry. It was they who placed the Third Eye on the Dollar Bill as the coming Architect who will bring about order out of Chaos---a New World Order. Look closely and notice how the eye appears reptilian on the one dollar bill. In humans our third eye/Cyclops eye is considered the pineal gland which is located in the center of the forehead. Lizards have a third eye that really works. Humans can open the pineal gland which results in illumination from Lucifer/Satan. The human pineal gland is considered the seat of the soul......the problem is when you open it  to Satan he is more than eager to take your soul in return for giving you a lie that you are now one with God. Tissue in the Pineal gland contains quartz and it works just like a transmitter and Tran receiver of electromagnetic waves no different than a radio or cell phone.  

Aliens are demonic beings. They have been here with us since the beginning. Satan and the angels who fell with him had sexual relations with humans and birthed giants who eventually died in the flood...Their flesh turned to dust but their souls became demonic beings who wander the Earth, endlessly, trying to find bodies to inhabit. These demonic beings called Demons are the Gray Aliens. They have cloned flesh--giving them mere shells to live in and experience the material world without having to find a human to posses. Jesus cast them out as well as his disciples. Demons talked to Jesus and he talked back to them----they are real. Exorcisms have been done for years in order to free humans from demonic possession. Fallen Angels are the Watchers in the Book of Daniel while the Holy Ones are the Angels of God. Fallen angels are always watching to try and cause mankind problems. They have appeared as humans/tall blondes/reptiles----as they can shape into whatever they like....they can even even look like a ghostly image of your loved ones who have passed away. These beings promise to not hurt Abductees or those seeking illumination by dabbling in the occult---but they their lies, lies and more lies are hoping to do one thing----deceive the Abductee or one seeking illumination enough to take their soul.  

Human or animal skin, various hormones, and DNA are harvested from Abductees for demonic flesh maintenance programs. Demons do not have the power to materialize into the flesh like the Fallen Angels. They have to have a vehicle and they do not want vehicles where they are constantly being driven out of---they need flesh without a soul to avoid having internal conflict. This is why some Aliens look human-like or Reptilian and demons look like Grays. They are not various species of aliens from other planets....They are the Watchers and Demons who are right here amongst us like they have always been since EDEN.  

Chase Von:  This is a video that blew me away! I happen to believe that God stands outside of time and that is why the presence we call God is able to do things like this.   

It shows a message for those that actually look that reveals a message in the lineage itself! I`ve shared it with quite a few people since discovering it but without going too much into depth, what can readers expect to get a good handle on by reading your work?   

Dr. Joye:  That God has a plan and Satan knows that plan and has paralleled it throughout history to promote himself. My work exposes Satan`s Agenda in ways that most books have never revealed for fear of retaliation. Only those initiated into the highest orders really know the hidden agenda of Satan and are working feverishly to capture mankind into a web of having to worship Satan as the coming Messiah. Unfortunately their plan is working quite well and they do not like someone like me exposing their terrible deeds. When you finish reading EDEN The Knowledge of Good and Evil, as well as, ANTICHRIST The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ, you will never look at the world around you again with rose colored glasses. Sometimes truth can be a hard pill to swallow---but I believe mankind should know the truth and that is what I have tried to do in my research---Tell the Truth.  

Regarding the above video: Adam=Man (per my research---Cain=Acquired and Abel=Breath) Therefore Man Acquired Breath should be included. The sequence should read in 3`s. I understand Cain was the son of Satan but he was also the son of Eve. I do understand why Chuck listed things the way he did in the video so not to confuse anyone. There is so much controversy over Cain being Satan`s son but it clearly says later on in the Genesis account that Satan`s fallen angels had sexual relations with the daughters of man-----so they learned everything they knew from what Satan had already accomplished.   

Chase Von:  I also read Hal Lindsey many years ago and I was amazed when he was saying John The Baptist was describing things way back then that were obviously things we have in abundance now. This is just off the top of my head by the way so not verbatim. "Beast with armored breast plates that spit fire and flying things that looked like locust that spit fire etc. Which is of course tanks and helicopters.    

Even in hieroglyphics if you look, you will see what looks like helicopters. There are also many depictions in art and ancient artifacts that depict what look like planes and we know the Wright Brothers didn`t conquer flying in terms of time until just recently.   

Do you think all the technology we now have has existed before and we are repeating something?   

Dr. Joye: First, John the Baptist was Jesus` cousin who baptized him in the River Jordan. I think you are referring to John, the Revelator---the youngest and beloved disciple of Jesus who was imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos and who authored the vision he was given by God called The Book of Revelation. His use of insects, etc. breathing fire and destruction do appear to mimic our present day military craft---planes, tanks, bombs, etc. Ancient drawings do depict drawings of flying machines and more than likely are Fallen angels and demonic beings flying around just like they do in UFOs today. These beings have always had advanced technology. That is why drawings of UFOs throughout time have remained similar in their shapes and appearances.  

Chase Von:  One of my favorite movies is the Matrix and of course one of the best known lines is something to the effect of, "These people are still plugged in!" I know that there are those that will say, the more you want to find something, the more you will see it. But I`ve lost friends over them not wanting to hear or believe what I have to say.    

As you know, I call myself The Last Panther, a tribute through my American Indian Heritage so I can walk alone if necessary, but what advice do you have for those that start to look into these things, and really see what I believe is the truth?   

How do they then deal with knowing what they know, in a world filled with so many that don`t or that I like to say, are still plugged in? Because you do know it is very easy for those that don`t know these things to label people that do as crazy etc. 
Dr. Joye:  There are those who are going through the motions and never stop to smell the roses, look at the rose, wonder about the rose, or care about the rose. For those who take the rose and put it under a microscope, and ponder every detail the reward can be great as long as it is politically correct. The moment you are smart enough to take a turn in an advanced area that the powers that be do not want revealed yet---then you become a threat of exposure......That is where you, Chase, and I am at.....We are not like the majority who cannot see the forest for the trees.....we see the trees and we are analyzing those trees.  

For some people who have made such discoveries, the powers that be have made them seem crazy in order to keep such discoveries hidden or ignored by the general public--- examples of such are: Nikola Tesla and Mozart. Metal institutions have more than likely been filled with many who were telling the truth but because of their discoveries or hearing of voices, etc. which seemed unnatural to a majority of people they were put away. The use of Psychological warfare against an unsuspecting public has kept the Powers that Be in charge. Anyone raising red flags are made to look like conspiracy freaks and if that does not shut them up they are either killed or hauled off to mental institutions to keep the general public from taking their finings seriously.   

The technology they are about to unleash against the human pineal gland is surely why the Bible states that if God does not cut the time short--the elect could even be deceived. 
Chase Von:  How infected do you think the music industry, the movie industry or really just the world in general is with demonic influence? Because I don`t think you can turn on a computer without being subjected to it, or a TV or a radio or any means that are used for entertainment. Not to say it all is but I think the more you know, the more you see it present.   

Dr. Joye: Everything that produces an electromagnetic field has the capability of altering you both mentally and physically. This leaves your soul vulnerable if the pineal gland is opened and controlled from an outside source. You cannot fight your own body when your mind is being remotely controlled from an outside source.  
Chase Von:  During my experience, the only thing that did save me in my opinion, was calling out in prayer and asking Jesus if I could borrow his armor. No one has to believe me but what would you tell someone that does find themselves dealing with an other worldly experience? 

And why do you think Alien Abductions and reports of Alien`s are so prevalent in the news today?  

Dr. Joye: The only known thing to stop Abductions is the calling out of Jesus` Name. When a person from their heart calls out---the abduction stops.....demons cannot continue against a soul that chooses Jesus. If a person just says Jesus, the demons know whether it is real or just a bluff----you cannot ride the fence in the spiritual are either good or bad. The electromagnetic wave you send out by saying Jesus has an imprint that can be read. That is why some people claim they said Jesus and aliens continued to pursue them. To choose Jesus, your heart and life forever changes---no longer do you do anything evil.  Seeking answers from channelers, witch doctors, or playing with anything occult sets you up for Satan and his minions to show other words they see your electromagnetic transmissions and think to themselves------PREY---- and they devour your soul. The reason there are so many reports of Aliens today is that the world has become so EVIL. Satan and his entourage are having a field day just as the Bible foretold about end times. "As in the Days of Noe, so shall the coming of the son of man be." Before the flood the Fallen angels were having a field day and evil was everywhere---just like today.  

In all cases where someone sincerely called out to Jesus, the abductions and all paranormal activity ceased and never returned.  

Chase Von:  This is to me a fantastic series that I think will unplug anyone that is still plugged in. (Smile).  Although this is only the first one of over fifty. It is called "The Arrivals."   

I also know there are a lot of people that study this subject as well.  David Icke, Alex Jones, yourself, Maxwell Jordan, the now late William Cooper and a plethora of others.  Are you someone that also studies the work they do or do you disagree with some of the conclusions they or others have arrived at?  

Dr. Joye: I approach the issues based on the Bible. If you do not acknowledge the word of God in the mix of what is happening then you miss understanding that Aliens are Fallen angels and that this whole scenario began in Eden and will soon end at the Battle of Armageddon. Others leave out these facts as Scientist lean to science and theologians lean to theology but I show in my research that Science proves what the Bible says.  My theories on the Antichrist are like no other author. The Shroud of Turin has been used to clone Jesus and Prince William is that clone. He meets all the requirements and will turn 30 years old in 2012. I devote a complete chapter in my book on the events that have led to this unique cloning---just as the Bible predicted.  

While the authors you mention above have uncovered some very important information, they still do not see the complete picture. My research incorporates all disciplines and completes the picture as to what is really going on and what is soon to happen in our generation. I leave no stone unturned!
Chase Von:  How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?  
Dr. Joye:  Family was the institution that God established by joining Adam and Eve in marriage. Family means everything to me. If families would put Jesus first, then this world would have no problems. Our world issues are the result of turning our back on God and listening to the selfish wiles of demonic propaganda. Our world is now sending out more electromagnetic waves to Satan who receives them and fools man as we ease closer to the End that God planned from the beginning.....The flood of our generation is coming and the storm clouds are gathering....the rain can be heard a far off and those who love GOD are looking up as our redemption from this evil world draws nigh. For those without the promise of God`s lifeboat out of the last days----the storm will destroy everything just as Noah`s flood did.   

Chase Von:  What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?  
Dr. Joye: Every human should honor the words: Thou shalt have no other gods before me-----the 1st Commandment!!!!! If you eliminate Satan ---- life can be paradise as nothing can ever steal the joy inside of knowing your Creator and all that he has planned for you--now and Forever.  The greatest asset you possess is your soul.....make the right choice on this important life`s test as there will be no opportunity to have a re-test when all God has planned comes to past. You are either for God or against him---It is your choice alone and you alone will have to deal with the consequences of your choice for all eternity. So choose wisely.   
Chase Von:  Where can our readers find your various web sites and links? And if there are any other future projects you can give our readers a heads up on?  
Dr. Joye:   Follow the links to my books, e-book, and audio book. I, presently, have 2 additional books which have been offered contracts that I am working on.   

Chase Von:  One last thing, although I know we will remain in contact. I don`t think there is really that much of a difference between the Muslim faith and the true Christian Faith.And not to offend but I don`t think the Catholic Faith is one I would advise anyone to partake of although I know there are great Catholic People as well.    

I`m just of the belief that Jesus is the way to Heaven and the one that should be believed in. Not Holy Mother Mary or etc.  

I do think people should believe what they want however. And I like to see the world as Good People or Bad People but in terms of faith I think whether people are good are bad can easily get convoluted into it doesn`t matter because you don`t believe as I do.  

One thing that really threw me for a loop is when I found out after returning from war, that there were people appearing at the funerals of slain Americans, calling themselves Christians that had signs saying. "Thank God for I.ED`s and other things I thought were horrid!    

A dear friend of mine, The Artist C lost her brother to this war, and the Patriot Riders attended his funeral to make sure these people were back, way back! The reason I am bringing this up is that those that know, know that things are going to get a lot worse, as bad as they are now, before they get better, if that even happens.    

What are your thoughts on that and can you share some of your opinions to better prepare people for what you believe is going to take place?   

Dr. Joye:  The future will be worse than anything we as humans have ever seen....The flood was similar in that all flesh perished on earth---But, there has been nothing like the type of terrible events which will soon lead up to the coming apocalypse. Just image the movie "The Day After" only a million times worse. 
Chase Von:  Dr. Joye, you received your doctorate from Nova University. You`ve actively been involved with research involving Biblical Prophecy for over 30 years.  

You`re also featured in Who`s Who in the World, Who`s Who in America, Who`s Who in American Women, and Who`s Who in American Education, Who`s Who in the South and Southwest, and Who`s Who in Georgia. Your also a member of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.   

You certainly have some pretty impressive credentials!   

So on behalf of The Operated Student Press and myself, thanks so much for fitting this in!  I can`t possibly cover all the subjects I would love to cover with you in just this interview alone but I do feel just by doing this interview, it will expose you and your message to more who need to hear it.  

So thanks so much for sharing yourself with our readers and God bless and Love and Light to you always!    

PS, the Logo for the Student Operated Press looked to me like the Eye of Horus. If you get a chance as I was instructed to do by my boss here Judyth Piazza, turn your head to the right and look at it and tell me what you see.  (Smile). 
Dr. Joye:  Many people incorporate symbols into their businesses without the understanding of their pagan/occult connections. Hopefully, the image is not the eye of Horus......If it was intended to be, then I would think about changing it unless it represents your beliefs. 

Again, Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to share my research with your readers! Always search for TRUTH!!!  Be sure to visit my web site at God Bless!