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Published:November 25th, 2009 20:25 EST

William Rutger 'The Alcoholic`s Guide to Adventure'

By Garrett Godwin

During his weeklong stint at Florida`s Pinellas County, William Rutger spent some of his time watching reruns of the popular sitcom Reba, in which he little knew that he and the main character`s daughter Cheyenne had something in common: they`re both recovering alcoholics. "You know you`re a true alcoholic if the word `alcoholic` is stamped on your birth certificate" said the 52-year-old lawyer turned author of his new book The Alcoholic`s Guide to Adventure, in which he brings to light his dark times with the bottle.

"I don`t like books, I don`t read books, because it takes too long, but I wrote one that you can read in about two hours" he continued. "People classified it as a memoir, but I don`t consider it that way. Basically, I tried to bring humor in what seems to be tragic. I don`t think that alcohol is a disease; that`s contemporary thinking. That`s what they said about cigarette smoking as the gateway drug.

"The system is designed for you to make a fool out of yourself. I`ve had tons of counselors, and the last counselor was really cool. You know when it`s your time. It took me a long time to admit I was an alcoholic."

And a long time it was for Rutger, whose father died at the age of 45 from related causes of alcohol and smoking. Five years ago, he lost his son to heroin, and the next year, his business died.

"My son had asked me about DTs [detoxes] before he died in `04, which was well before I went to jail in `07. I`ve never had DT`s but did have high blood pressure in jail 140/90 due to drinking" Rutger stated.

"But a lot of people were detoxed. Some people had a tough time. Basically, it was a process of watching my life be thrown away. Plus, I had good counselors after my DUI. What turned my life around is not being trapped being a lawyer. I was trapped by my prior success. When my time with the law was done, I wasn`t successful and I didn`t know where I belonged. I was basically ready to die, but then I realized that I had to go there to start my second career as an author.

"It`s a great substitute of what I used to do. I used to be passionate about going to the bar and having conservations. Now, I can have conservations about drinking."

The Alcoholic`s Guide to Adventure can be found online at Booksurge.