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Published:June 14th, 2009 21:00 EST
Drummer Derek Warwick is helping bring the 80s to the next generation

Drummer Derek Warwick is helping bring the 80s to the next generation

By Mimi Amaral

     Even as a child Derek Warwick was making noise, I started out banging on pots and pans as far back as I can remember, until my dad purchased my first drum kit when I was in Jr. High. "Derek is currently in two bands. The first is a rock band that goes by the name Road Crue, , which is currently competing in The Road To Rock Star Competition put on by The Fox Radio Station; 101.7.  The second band is a punk band known as P.M.R.C.,, and they are going on their first tour called: The Filthy Fifteen Tour, We will be in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and finishing in California from July 10th thru 19th."

Derek Warwick By: Mimi A.

     Derek`s aspirations, however, do not stop at these two bands.  He aspires to find a management team to help him make his dreams a reality. He wants to work with Dirty Penny, Vains of Jenna, Buckcherry, David Lee Roth, and Tommy Lee. But if he had to choose one person in the world it would be Nikki Sixx, If there was one person in the world I`d like to work with it would have to be Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue.  He has a lot of knowledge on how the music industry works and he is such a great writer and live performer."

    One inspirational person that has touched Derek`s life has been, Christen from F Labels. I`d like to say thanks for helping P.M.R.C. put out our first full length record The Filthy Fifteen. "  Additional inspiration has come from Bob Rock, Aerosmith, Kindom Come, Tom Werman, and Ted Templeman. By following each of these producers and artists it has shown Derek that anything is possible, Through the years I have followed each of their careers. I hope with hard work, dedication, and passion, I too may reach the level of creativeness that they have in their careers."

     This half blonde haired drummer is putting passion behind his purpose to bring out his artistic ability, Music is about how independent and creative you can be. It`s an art and I am an artist. Instead of brush strokes I use drum sticks."  To keep in touch with Derek and follow his career log on to myspace at: or e-mail him at: