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Published:November 30th, 2009 14:20 EST
Kellan Lutz Talks Twilight

Kellan Lutz Talks Twilight

By H.B. Forman

When actor Kellan Lutz stepped into the Twilight series as Emmet Cullen, he hooked up with millions of dedicated fans around the world. And he knows that the opportunities being given to him as a result of Twilight New Moon and the other films are a true dream come true.

Days before the opening of New Moon around the world, with moviegoers grasping their advance tickets in hand, Kellan said in an exclusive one-on-one chat that being part of an instant success has been an amazing ride. Doors are opening, opportunities are knocking and he is appreciative of every aspect of his good fortune, as he plays a major role in the Twilight drama.

The actors in Twilight are cult figures and have brought to life a world of teen vampires, young love, forbidden fruit, and an amazing fantasy about friendship, love, longing, need, loss, attachment and more. The second movie deals with the danger that you put your hear into when you fall in love.

In addition to Twilight, he has been a regular on the HBO cable series, The Comeback, with Lisa Kudrow. He was in Disney`s Stick It, where he played a local BMX biker and

He was seen in Universal`s Accepted, in which he played one of the Molson Twins who joins Justin Long`s fake college. He was also in the TV spin-off 90210, playing one of the school`s best and most arrogant athletes, in the show The Wire, and in the HBO cable seven-hour mini-series, Generation Kill, the intimate tale of young Marines whose unit is part of the first wave of the American military assault on Baghdad.

You and the other actors and actresses in Twilight are like the Beatles or Rolling Stones -- the mega-stars of this generation, what does that feel like?

KELLAN LUTZ: Thank you for that. It feels awesome. I`ve been acting for a while and done some pretty cool projects. But it is such a blessing to be part of something like this " the fans are so loyal and so loving. It`s really such a humbling experience. We are so blessed to have a franchise " it is every actor`s dream come true. It`s getting bigger and better. It`s fun comparing meeting keeps getting better and bigger. It`s fun meeting the fans and it is truly amazing comparing us to the Beatles.

How do you handle the cult status of the movie and all the adoring fans?

KL:  There are a lot of autograph seekers and a lot of screaming. Most of them are tame. But it`s always fun when you get the ones that bring hand cuffs or have papers to sign so that they can marry you. You do get crazy stories. But I believe it is heartfelt. They come and give us gummy bears (candy) and action figures that they make personally. There are a lot of talented artists out there that love Twilight and they draw pictures and paintings of us that they give us. They are allowing myself to work as well as everyone else, so we should be giving back to them not the other way around.

The movie set is Seattle is dark, gloomy, rainy, so what is the mood on the set?

KL: There are lights everywhere, so the darkness doesn`t get to us. The only time it gets to you is when you sit in your trailer with your contacts in and you can`t really nap or lay down because it takes hours for the whitening of our (vampire) skin and you don`t want to mess up the make up because if you do you have to have it redone.

What are the relationships like on set?

KL: We feel we are so blessed to be apart of Twilight. I love my character Emmet.  He is so happy go lucky and loves being a vampire. If I were chosen to be Edward I`d have trouble. Edward`s inner struggle with Bella that he is a vampire, but he loves her and could never take her life. That would be tough for me to play.

How do you look at the whole Twilight experience?

KL: We are at the age when we got into this we know our identity " so it didn`t change us. It may change the people around, but I am still the same one. We really enjoy hanging out together. It`s great. We don`t say good-by after a film, we go on to our lives and rekindle our friendships when we return. Behind- the- scenes " we all joke around the only way " you feel like you are locked in a jail cell. It`s like our dorm years in college " a lot of pizza from Mega-Bite, it is delicious and it is open late.

How do you chill off camera? How will you spend your time now that the third twilight installment is done?

KL:  Snowboarding. Last year I didn`t have a chance with all the work, so in December my brother, friends and I are getting a place in Mammoth. We also want to go to Aspen. I have friends everywhere now thanks to Twilight so crew members in Vancouver are saying "come on down.` I just want to be in nature and bring my dog. Go camping and hiking which I haven`t had a chance to do in a while.

Who keeps you grounded?

KL: I have six brothers and one sister and my mother is such a trooper. I learned from their mistakes. I still had my fun, but my mom never caught me. My mom instilled great morals and kept a good head on my shoulders. I am always trying to make her proud. We are best friends now. She cheers for my victories and cries for me when I am down. It`s nice to have family so close. 
My brother is out in L.A. with me so that`s great.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

KL:   I`m a believer in angels and demons. Some of my roommates say they have seen a ghost " she was a grandmother and they smelled cookies when she was around, and they look genuine when they tell me about it.

Have you had any personal experiences like that?

KL: Yes.  I`ve been in a situation where a truck came out of no where and my car should have been smashed big time, but I felt this force pushed the car and the truck never hit my car. I know that our car should have been hit and rolling. There are times when you do feel a kind of warmth or your guardian angles are around. And it is comforting to know they are there.

What is your personal philosophy?

KL:  I`ve always lived with it. "People see things and ask why? While I dream things and say why not.` I truly believe if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. We have so many talents and we use such a small part of our brain such a small part of our mentality " there is nothing holding you back. You can accomplish anything if you work hard at.

What`s in your future?

KL:  The third film has just finished. TV`s great but I love doing films and going after directors I really admire. Twilight has opened s many doors. I want to be an action star. I wear my scars from stunts. Hopefully, I get to be Matt Damon`s brother in Bourne 7 (he joked). I want to do action, action, and more action. I want to work with Sly Stallone and other action stars " I really admire those guys.

Who were your role models growing up?

KL: I didn`t believe actors were real growing up in North Dakota and Iowa. Playing sports " honors classes. I had to get out of Arizona. See my dad. Went to school for chemical engineering in L.A. where everyone is an actor. And living in L.A. I found a passion of mine -- acting. So blessed to be doing this amazing job. I love to travel to test myself and work with people. Actors are amazing people " complex. Hope to work with Clooney and Redford. I also admire Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio for working with children`s charities and other great cases. They are such advocates. That is really cool.

That is one perk of being a celebrity.

KL: Yes. We also get so much stuff for free, now that we don`t need it. I get great clothes all the time.

Anything you`ve bought yourself?   

KL:  Yes. Fun toys. Gadgets. I love the Sky Mall. I bought underwater speakers for my pool so I can keep that beat in my head like a floating blimp. And I got the Randsom from Amazon, an electronic book so I can read anything and down load anything while I am at the gym or anywhere. 

Tell me about your dog.

KL: She is a Shepard husky mutt mix named Kola. I am crazy about her.

Five or 10 years down the road how do you see your life?

KL:  I pray that I am working at what I love, and I am some kind of Ambassador to help others, an advocate for charities. My idea is to be spreading the word and trying to make this world a better place. And if I had unlimited resources I would work on inventions that deal with chemistry that I`ve been making since I was a kid. Cook quirky ones that would help mankind.