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Published:March 29th, 2010 22:06 EST
The Hunger Games Are Memorable.

The Hunger Games Are Memorable.

By Tony Graff

In a very futuristic world, completely destroyed by war, twelve colonies exist surrounding one tall capital. Each year as a reminder, two children are chosen from each district to compete in what they call the hunger games. The hunger games, the reader comes to find out, is a match to the death between the twenty four tributes, purely for the enjoyment of the citizens of the capital. 

Katniss, the teller of the story, scrapes a living in District 12 with her younger sister and mother. The day the tributes are chosen, her sister`s name is drawn out of the lottery, she leaps to volunteer to be a tribute in the hunger games to save her sister. 

In the capital, she sees the bizarre trends, and the outlandish distances that citizens of the capital go to decorate themselves with cloth and jewels, unlike the forgotten world Katniss lives in. 
When I first read the synopsis for The Hunger Games, I thought Suzanne Collins somewhat demented, for having a novel where twenty four children between the ages of 12 and 18 fight to the death, and are forced to kill, though it didn`t stop me from reading the book. Nor should it stop anyone who reads this little review. While the death of 23 children was a part of the book, the story Katniss tells of her survival, making and losing friends, and struggling to make a difference sets this book as an amazing story. Anyone who reads this great work will feel drawn in, like a spectator themselves to these horrible games, and the life that springs from what seems the most dismal of circumstances. 
This story continues in the sequel, Catching Fire, and the final book in the trilogy, Mocking Jay. 
I would recommend this to most people. Definitely a good read, and one worth owning.