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Published:May 3rd, 2006 08:29 EST

Judy Piazza chats with Loyd Rawls, Author of Seeking Succession: How to Continue The Family Business Legacy

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


The team professionals at The Rawls Group have a passion for keeping the family business in the family and helping business owners achieve their succession goals. Originally established as The Rawls Company in 1973 by Loyd H. Rawls, we have continued to expand our team of professionals and have now become The Rawls Group, providing business succession, estate and financial planning for the owners and key executives of capital intensive, family owned businesses. Our efforts are specifically directed to protecting family resources, enhancing business succession through the next generation, retaining key managers, determining equitable asset distribution and minimizing the hazards of estate administration.

Founder and CEO, Loyd H. Rawls has conveyed his theories and passion to an impressive group of business consultants and professional educators, and together they have developed a secondary division, Family Business Resource Center that focuses on improving the probability of succession through enhancing understanding of the fundamental expectations and enhancing multi-generational interaction, which is critical to succession surviving through the next generation. With experience that is unprecedented in succession planning for family owned businesses, these fine publications, written by our professional staff are available through the Family Business Resource Center`s bookstore:

Seeking Succession: How to Continue the Family Business Legacy, 2nd Ed. , by Loyd H. Rawls (available in ebook and paperback formats)
The Succession Bridge: Key Man Succession Alternatives , by Loyd H. Rawls (available in ebook and paperback formats)
Getting There: A Monetary and Fundraising Guide for Charities, by Donald J. Doudna, Ph.D & Johnne D. Syverson, CFP, AEP (available in ebook and paperback formats)