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Published:March 7th, 2008 07:47 EST
Wal-Mart Watch says Wal-Mart cannot be trusted

Wal-Mart Watch says Wal-Mart cannot be trusted

By SOP newswire

Wal-Mart Watch Executive Director David Nassar released the following statement in response to the March 7 Wall Street Journal article by Gary McWilliams and M.P. McQueen entitled "Bills Give Labs Job of Finding Risks In Kids' Products":

"Today's article reinforces the fact that Wal-Mart cannot be trusted. This company is adding to its track record of saying one thing publicly and doing another behind closed doors. Wal-Mart's blatant misrepresentation of its relationship with Consumer Testing Laboratories (CTL) shows just how far the company is willing to go to deceive the public. On the one hand, Wal-Mart's public relations campaign tells consumers it is protecting them by using CTL as an "independent" laboratory to step up the company's toy testing in the midst of the toy recalls. On the other hand, Wal-Mart provides the majority of CTL's business throughout a long-term, cozy relationship and effectively undermines any possible "independent" consumer protection. Not only is the fox guarding the henhouse in this situation, Wal-Mart is rolling out the red carpet and providing room service for him.  

"Wal-Mart's rhetoric and public relations campaigns, along with the company's lack of transparency, frequently mask an underlying pattern of misleading the public. Just as today's story exposes the sham of interdependence between Wal-Mart and CTL,  the company has misrepresented itself in numerous instances in the last year alone - including a fake blog, Wikipedia entries, a spying scandal, and a banking application. Whether Wal-Mart is whitewashing its discriminatory employment practices, hourly wages, health care plan, sourcing practices, or green washing its environmental practices, the company is masterful at manipulating the facts.  Under Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott's leadership, the company continues to move further and further away from the values of Sam Walton's Wal-Mart."