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Published:March 10th, 2008 11:43 EST
7 Costly Mistakes

7 Costly Mistakes

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

On Monday, March 10th, Ben Mack will be sharing how he failed in a business venture.  I`ve seen hundreds of people go into business and make mistakes that they should have avoided because they did not have a good understanding of how things work.  The pains of  small businesses, and even sometimes bad mistakes made by corporations earning in the millions and billions of dollars, can be avoided.

Ben Mack has been gaining a great deal of influence around the world for his ideas and the information he`s been sharing.  Working with some of the advertising giants, Ben Mack has also written an excellent book called "THINKING Two products ahead."  This is a book focuses on how to approach marketing your products by considering the next steps.

There was another Ben much greater than Ben Mack named Benjamin Franklin.  Now Franklin seemed to some to know how to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that often consumed other businessmen of his time because they did not have knowledge of "Other Peoples Mistakes."

Today I`m going to form another article around a subject you need to know if you`re going to avoid other kinds of pitfalls in business.  So join me Wednesday, March 12th, for a dynamic article I`ll be writing called "The SECRETS of the Junta."

But in the meantime, make sure you join Pat Marcello who`s right out of Bradenton, Florida.  You can register to listen to Author Ben Mack and Paulie on Monday.
Register right now by just clicking on this link

Pat Marcello is an SEO Internet Marketing professional with many talents and great ideas.  If she can`t put together an interesting interview that will open your eyes up I don`t know what to say to inspire you today.  Her information is always relevant and informative.  I`m sure you`ll enjoy what you hear as she goes into depth on 7 costly mistakes you should avoid.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Deremiah *CPE, the Customer Passion Executive is the author of "52 GREAT WEEKS" and one of the most popular "Top 25" Marketing Expert`s out of 10,000 on the world`s leading online marketing platform This Nightingale Conant Award-Winning Speaking Star, Artist & Inventor shows your CEO, Consultants, Sales and all your employees how easy it is to master the Servant`s Mentality. Creating a customized system to build your companies morale, increase your organizational footprint and launch your long awaited customer relationship campaign can all be done faster using Deremiah *CPE`s unorthodox techniques. Simultaneously he can show you his secret to growing your business just by helping At-Risk Children in the communities where you live and work. Reach Deremiah *CPE now