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Published:December 18th, 2008 11:42 EST

Jay Goldinger: A Historian and Interest Rate Magnate

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

Where Does My Information Come From?

Readers of this column frequently write in and ask where my information and insights come from. I review a lot of news articles and a lot of information. I`ve been around the block a few times and I have many friends who are deep in the money business and who give me insights that outsiders simply don`t have access to. But one of my very good friends is someone who is a true insider, and I`d like to introduce you to him by way of this column.

Please meet Jay Goldinger. He`s a historian and an interest rate magnate. Few people understand the credit markets and the nature of interest rates better than him. Jay has been accurate for the ten years that I have been following him. He understands the actions of the Federal Reserve and the nature of the way that the chairman of the Fed makes decisions and he is very forthcoming in describing his analysis. Especially with the incredible moves that the Federal Reserve is making lately, following Jay is critical for investors and those who follow the markets.

Jay is one of my excellent advisors, and I frequently call Jay either to just visit and catch up or to ask him questions about the economy. He publishes a weekly newsletter that he gives away for free that I highly recommend that you review. It you`re interested in understanding the economy and interest rates, Jay`s insights will be of great value to you. To subscribe to Jay`s newsletter, go to:

Don`t look for rosy, fluffy, and unrealistic material in Jay`s comments. They are hard hitting and they are contrary to what the media would like us to hear, but they`re realistic, and they almost always materialize the way that Jay says.

I hope that you will take advantage of Jay`s Early Warning Wire and subscribe. If you`re someone who would like even more content, he has a paid version which he publishes five nights a week and keeps readers abreast of the minute by minute changes that are occurring in the market place.

Finally, Jay runs a public charity that feeds the homeless of Hollywood, California. He is extremely dedicated to it and has been doing it for over 600 Sundays in a row. Most if not all of the money that Jay takes in from his newsletter (and many other sources) is all for his non-profit organization, Food on Foot:

I hope that you take advantage of this special resource because I know how much value you will get from it. Use it to educate yourself and then use it to stimulate discussion with others. You will certainly find it eye-opening and worthwhile.

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