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Published:December 28th, 2008 11:37 EST
Bubble Wrap

Buy A Bubble Wrap Calendar For Your Obsessive-compulsive Friend

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York City man has designed a calendar that will drive Bubble Wrap fanatics popping-mad.

The Daily News of New York reports in Thursday editions that Stephen Turbek is selling a poster-size calendar covered with the plastic bubbles. Customers can pop a bubble each day to mark the passage of time."

The Associated Press

I love Bubble Wrap, when I buy a computer or a small appliance I eagerly open the box hoping that the product will be wrapped in the magical stuff. When I find Bubble Wrap I`m like a kid with a new toy, but when I discover that the merchandize is protected with Styrofoam peanuts it`s a tremendous letdown.

A Bubble Wrap calendar is an even better idea than a nude Britney Spears Calendar, I can`t wait to get my hands on one. But the only problem is that I have an obsessive-compulsive personality, and I will pop every bubble on the first day that I get the calendar.

I am going to order a Bubble Wrap calendar today, I hope it`s delivered in a package protected with Bubble Wrap.