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Published:March 27th, 2009 12:05 EST
Honesty Truly Is The Best Policy

Honesty Truly Is The Best Policy

By Anita Helton

In a society that preaches honesty is the best policy, it amazes me how much people fear being truly honest. Some are afraid of rejection while others don`t want to admit things are actually the way they are for it might ruin their ability to deny it. Still, I believe that everyone should be honest. The truth will set you free is probably the most accurate way to describe this idea of complete honesty. Honesty doesn`t necessarily come easily. In fact, I completely understand keeping the secrets that many keep. I have kept guard over instances in my life that I deemed too out of the ordinary to share. For me it was the secrets of my past that I didn`t share.

Included in that list were mentions of my alcoholic mom-- whom I don`t live with due to her selfish choices, or the fact I have no idea who my dad is. These secrets that I have previously kept have been like bars in a prison for which I am stuck behind. However, I recently have learned to be honest about these things, for they are not a reflection of me but of things I could not control in the past.

I truly believe the truth has set me free in a way that is hard to describe. I don`t feel so imprisoned, nor do I have to worry that someone might find out these things. Sharing these things has also forced me to deal with them and not to hide them from my self, as well as not to hide them from others.

Honesty is important both with you and others. If you cannot be honest you cannot be yourself. While some secrets may be harder to share with others, choosing the right people to be honest with is important.

If complete honesty was a widespread practice people would also be more apt to participate in sharing. People are hesitant or resistant to share with others who share nothing about themselves. If everyone shared, the world would be less inhibited and less restricted.

In conclusion, I feel the truth will set your free if you let it. From my experiences, and the experiences of those around me, I have found this to be self evident. I only wish I could encourage everyone to participate in this honesty; for, if they did, the world would be a better place.