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Published:May 19th, 2009 19:36 EST
Dreaming Like A True Manager

Dreaming Like A True Manager

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

I was recently invited by Purolator, an oil filter company based in Fayetteville, N.C. with more than 1,000 employees, to share a few thoughts with their star employees who were being honored that day with awards and recognition. I must say that I was totally blown away by the candid, genuine and heartfelt remarks company managers made about these wonderful, exemplary employees.

At one point during the evening I leaned over to Rob Malone, president and CEO, and told him he has amazing people at his company. He said I was absolutely right. Throughout the evening, as manager after manager gave out awards, there was a reoccurring theme: everyday men and women are showing up and giving a little something extra to the company. A few of those mentioned for going above and beyond were Ronnie Johnson, Lynn McNeal, and Regina McCoy.  Here were some phrases that I heard again and again about them and other excellent employees:
1.  One of the first people to show up; always comes in early and stays late
2.  Everyone wants to be on their team
3.  Works with out supervision
4.  Always willing to learn
5.  They are known as the go to person on the team
6.  Thinks with their heart and head
7.  Always looking to meet the needs of others
8.  Willing to help others when their work is done
9.  Anyone would want to work under him or her
10. Goes the extra mile and doesn`t expect for their palms to be greased with a few extra Benjamins ($100 in American currency)
11. Unofficial trainer and teacher
12. In a league of their own
13. Works beyond their current job description

14. When called upon at 3 p.m. and given a challenge, they don`t fail to get it done

Can the same be said about you? If so, then congratulations. If not, why not?
As I listened intently to these various descriptions of people who decided to brilliantly shine, I leaned over to Rob and asked how the company was doing?

He responded that even in this current economic downturn they were having their best year ever. Furthermore, they had just confirmed a major contract with NASCAR. I said to myself, no wonder they are doing well; they have men and women throughout the organization who are stepping up. Any manager in any industry would love to have a Ronnie, Lynn or Regina on their team. It would be an ideal situation, a dream come true.

Now is the time for you, Oh Brilliant One, to step up in this economy. Ronnie, Lynn, and Regina made a decision that they would be the difference that could make a difference. What about you? Which of the above characteristics describe you? I am inviting you at this season to dig deep and become your manager`s ideal employee, his or her dream. Some of you might be saying, Why should I even care about being my manager`s dream? "  Well, consider the following:

  • In the United States and around the world there are millions of people in the job market who are more than willing to take your job.
  • India and China are training men and women like never before and they are waiting in the wings for American jobs to be outsourced to them.
  • According to the 500-page 2008 Global Competitive Survey, the educational system in the United States is ranked 25th in the world. This simply means that if something doesn`t shift and improve in the trillion-dollar industry of educating people, then American business` long-term edge will erode because they will not have enough brainpower to keep themselves relevant.

During my visit with Purolator they shared a YouTube Clip from the movie Facing the Giants. In this particular scene, the coach says two powerful lines to Brock while he carries Jeremy (a 160-pound player) on his back for 50 to 70 yards. The first is this: When you joined our team you promised your best. " The other is this: Can we still count on you? "

I ask you, Oh Brilliant One, as the economy slowly begins to emerge like a submarine from the dark depths of the recession, are you keeping your promise? Can your company, your team members, your internal and external customers count on you? If you are able to answer yes to these questions then you are indeed an ideal employee and your manager`s dream come true.

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