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Published:September 8th, 2009 15:42 EST
The Business World Operates a Lot Like a Horse Race

The Business World Operates a Lot Like a Horse Race

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

Every year about Labor Day weekend, I am reminded how the business world operates a lot like a horse race.  If you have ever been to the race track, you`ll know that the horses jet out of the gate with incredible speed.  They run -- fueled by drive, passion and the jockey`s urging. At the first turn, the jockeys evaluate the competition and prepare to use all of the tools at their disposal to outwit and out-maneuver the others. The pack continues to push hard as they take the next length, darting into the last turn ready to make the last corner. Finally, it`s the home stretch where the jockeys push the horses to give it "all they`ve got" to the finish line.

Similarly, our business year works the same way.  I always think about January 1st as the day that we leave the gate.  Our teams race until we get to June. We might take a breather during the summer, and then comes the day after Labor Day. That is "magical" Tuesday. It is the day that we enter the home stretch of the business year and all of us kick butt until it`s over.

Today is that magical Tuesday.

As we enter the home stretch and run at top speed until about Thanksgiving, we expend all of the energy that we have, we invest all of the resources that we have, and we flex all of the muscle that we have, so that we can accomplish our goals for the year.

So, if you`re running the race, make sure that starting today, you push as hard as you can and that you acquire whatever resources are necessary to accomplish your goals because the end of the track is in sight.  It`s time now to run hard and run fast.

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About Joel G. Block, President of Growth-Logic, Inc.

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